Write Copy that Converts with 3 Simple Elements

Guest Post Written By: Amilia Stehman of Virtual Amilia

Writing for your business, whether it’s for social media, your blog, your website or replies to emails requires tactics to get your message across efficiently so your reader will understand you, hear you, and want to take the desired action (that you want them to take). 

There are three elements to focus on before you begin writing to assist with writing copy that converts to more likes, saves, engagement, and purchases. Thinking about these three elements is a viable part of a profitable and purposeful business.

Your Ideal Client: More than Demographics

First, think about your ideal client. I’m not talking about where they shop, what TV shows or movies they like. No, while those things may be helpful to refer to as metaphors and gifs, that’s not what’s going to get you sales. 

When you think about your ideal client, get into their fears, feelings, and passions. This means understanding the state of what they are like prior to having received your service or product (their current state). What are the things they think about? There are no limitations or restrictions in what to think about. This is a creative exercise to help you connect with your ideal client. And perhaps you see yourself as this person you used to be before you discovered the solution.

Some ideas to think about include:

What do they secretly fear may be true about their life, either as it relates to the service, or right now? 

What do they worry about? 

What keeps them up at night? 

What stresses them out on a regular basis? 

How do they fear others (close friends, family, spouse) would react if they found out about your situation? 

If money were no object, what brand or kind of product/service would they buy to solve this problem? 

What do they wish companies/providers in this industry understood about them? 

Download this ideal client avatar exercise as a worksheet here.

There are no limitations or restrictions in this exercise. This is a creative exercise to put you in the mind of your ideal client; think and feel like they do. You’ll be able to use the words and evoke these feelings into your copywriting to take your ideal client from the current state they are in to show them the state they can achieve by using your product/service. This exercise should be completed for every new product/service. 

The second element to writing copy that converts is to determine your niche.

Niche down by Industry/Service: 

You can try to be a jack (or jane) of all trades but you’ll quickly find yourself burned out with no mental capacity left for anything else. To prevent this, you’ll want to niche down by industry or service type. You don’t have to make this decision from the start of your business – I actually advise against it – but think about it as you grow in your business.

Your business is an ever-changing adaptation of you and the market.

A tool to help you figure out your service offering is to make 4 vertical lines on a piece of paper so you can write in each section. 

In the first section, write down all the tasks or skills that you are good at. In the second column, rate those from 1-5. 

In the third column, write down all the tasks and skills that you like to do. Some of these may be overlapping but some may not be and that’s okay. In the 4th column, rank these from 1-5. 

Next, go through your list and circle the ones with numbers 4 or 5. See which of these tasks are the same in both columns. You could start with offering that as your service. If there’s a task that you included in the “like” column but isn’t in the “good at” column, start to research ways you can learn that skill, and improve it so that you are comfortable offering that as a service. 

Your uniqueness is what makes your service YOU. 

Next, think about all the benefits your ideal client can obtain from your business. List these out. 

Now think about the 1 benefit that makes your service unique. The one that makes you stand out from all the others. 

Why would someone choose YOU over ANYONE else who may offer this same service? 

Figuring out what makes your service unique helps position you as different. It helps the reader determine if YOU are the right person for them. If YOU are the one they want to work with.

All of these exercises are designed to help you narrow down your field of topic, your knowledge, skills, and therefore your writing. By narrowing down your writing to be more specific, you will appeal to a more specific and therefore, more ideal, client. When you do that, the people that come across your page are more likely to remember you. And more likely to buy from you.

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