Work Spotlight: Rhiannon Rae Designs

About The Client

Rhiannon Rae Designs is a design company that helps business owners like you stand out and share their message with ease and confidence, by providing gorgeous branded templates that speak to their brand and get them noticed online.

Rhiannon Rae Designs’ most popular service is its “Instagram ReDesign” package. This package helps brands spruce up their Instagram through custom-designed templates.

How Wildly Creative Studio Helped

Rhiannon Rae Designs came to us last year for two different projects. The first project was a Brand Photography Session and the second project was helping her with her website.

Throughout her website, you’ll see a variety of images we took for her to help showcase her in “work mode”. Ultimately this was a fun photo session that consisted of wandering around downtown Kansas City to find places that fit her and her creative brand.

Then she came to us for help on her website after her previous hosting provider basically ruined the site she designed. We were happy to help out a fellow creative and help design her site, set up contact forms, email sign-ups, services questioner, and all the backend details like GA, Pinterest Tag, and FB Pixel.

We encourage you to take a look at her website and browse her services!