What Happens To Your Business When Social Media Goes Dark?

If we have learned anything from social media, we have learned it’s a great place to connect with all sorts of people from all over the world. We can work with people in different states – hell even different countries. It’s a great way to sell your services and scale your business. 

However, I hear way too many people state: “I don’t need a website – I run my business on Instagram, TikTok, Clubhouse, Facebook Groups., Pinterest” (you get the point).

This blog post is not me telling you to get off of them – it’s me giving you another friendly reminder that you should not solely rely on a social media platform to run your business. It’s not enough. You Don’t Own Your Accounts. And Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, Clubhouse, Pinterest could disappear at any moment. 

Ya’ll remember Vine?

Remember what happened? It was a super popular platform and then one day they were like “Yeah, we are removing it.” 

It could easily happen to any channel. 

I recently shared a post on Instagram about the importance of not solely running your business on social media. A week later, Instagram shut down for a few hours – leaving some online business owners in a panic and thinking “oh shoot – what am I going to do?!” So then I shared a fun reel giving my followers another friendly reminder that it’s not a good idea to 100% focus your marketing efforts on social media. 

And about a week before I shared that post, LinkedIn shut down for a good portion of the day. I’ve experienced this with Facebook and Instagram too. 

So what happens when you put all of your cards into your social media marketing and then social media goes dark? 


Not trying to scare you but did I?

You don’t own your social media accounts – someone else does. And they can decide to shut down the whole platform whenever the hell they please without giving you notice. Hell, they can decide to remove your account if they wanted to. 

  • You know what you do own – your website. 
  • You know what else you own – your email list. 

Do you know what converts clients?

A website with a strategic sales funnels that leads visitors to sign up for your email list and then converts because they like what you are putting out. 

Your email list can get blacklisted if you don’t follow policies but if you do it correctly it’s not going anywhere – and the people that unsubscribe – BYE. I’d rather have people unsubscribe to my content than get annoyed with me sending them monthly emails.

So let’s circle back to putting all of your cards into social media and then the platform disappears – but you already have an established website that has helped build your email list. 

Guess what – you still have a way to reach out to your clients. 

Okay – so different scenario. You have a website but never thought about building an email list. 

Does your audience know your brand? Do you they your company name? Does your domain match your company name? 

Guess what – they can still find you can and connect with you. 

Now for those of you that are panicking because you experienced your social media account shutting down and now you’re thinking “I don’t have a way to reach out again”. 

No worries – we can start now to save you in the long run. 

If you don’t feel like you can invest in a full website design – I offer a single-page web design package to help get you off the ground. This package includes a customized strategic design that also helps you build your email list. 

Say what?!? We are going to hit two birds with one stone love. 

I can help you choose the website platform that best serves you – however, I would highly suggest working with WordPress because once again you have complete control over it and you own it – unlike platforms like Squarespace, Wix, and Kajabi – they can also shut your site down without notice – but that’s for another discussion.

I can also help you choose an email marketing platform. I currently use MailChimp, but I have experience with Flodesk, Convert Kit, and Drip. 

Once we decide on the website platform and your email marketing platform, we can embed your sign-up form on your website – and start promoting both your newly designed site and your email list. 

You will now have a place your business can call home and a way your target audience can always find and connect with you. 

Doesn’t security feel good? 

So are you ready to invest in your business and create a meaningful online presence? Take the first step and apply to work with me. After I receive your application, we’ll set up a discovery call and start the process of creating you an online space you feel confident about.