Using Social Media to Grow Your Health and Beauty Business

Are you struggling to gain attention for your health and beauty business online? It might be your social media. The health and beauty industry is growing exponentially. In fact, it’s expected to reach $716 billion globally by 2025! The power and size of this industry can’t be understated, especially when it serves millions of loyal customers dying to try the newest, trendiest products. It’s why I recommend healthy and beauty entrepreneurs use social media to sell their products. 

Social media offers you a platform to advertise your products, grow a loyal audience, and strengthen your brand presence in the marketplace. When over 90% of Instagram users follow a brand, a social media strategy to sell your products seems like a no-brainer. Are you ready to formulate a social media strategy for your health and beauty business? Keep reading to discover what other business owners are doing to grow their health and beauty businesses fast! 

Find the Best Platforms for your business

When you’re figuring out the best social media platforms you should use for your business, have your ideal customers in mind. What platform is your target market most likely to be using? You might have to do a bit of research here. Find the demographic segments your target customer identifies with and what social media platforms they’re currently using. From there, you can decide what platforms are best for your business to have a presence on. 

Most health and beauty businesses tend to focus on Instagram and TikTok. Both platforms host millions of users and have a huge bearing on the industry. TikTok is rapidly growing worldwide, so it’s gaining lots of attention from users and demographics across the board. TikTok is conducive to an online brand presence and communicating with customers. 

Instagram is an essential and oftentimes non-negotiable social media to have in your toolbox. Instagram has so many users, so it’s more than likely your target audience already uses this platform. Instagram offers a gallery to showcase your brand, website, and products. Additionally, features like Reels and Stories incentivize users with heightened activity and explore page placement when they use these features. Wondering how Stories aligns with your strategy? I have tons of tips about selling through your Instagram Stories on my blog! 

Post Content Your Audience Wants to See

When you post about a product or service you offer, it should never just be about its visual appeal. The post needs to be about the value your product can deliver to your target audience! You can communicate what your product is and what it can do in a way that adds value to your audience’s feed. The content to focus on posting should charm your audience because it delivers them something they don’t have, so be sure to upsell your product’s benefits. 

Have a good mix of photos and videos throughout your feed. The movement will capture your audience’s eye as they scroll through their feeds. Your posts need to contain branded content for a cohesive feed. This could be your brand colors, logo, or filters. A high-quality, visually pleasing feed will impress your audience and solidify your brand presence online. 

The more you can deliver high-quality media with value, the more brand loyalty you build with your followers. Need a few ideas for posts with value? Try posting product tutorials, customer ratings, tests, this or that challenges, and themed beauty looks! 

Connect with other creators

Connecting and working with other creators is a great way to boost your brand’s presence, gain new followers, and make users more aware of your business. One way to create loyal user communities is by encouraging your followers to create content and tag you in the finished result. UGC (user-generated content) promotes brand loyalty among your audience and gets people excited when they see the brand like or repost their work. This makes your audience feel appreciated and special! 

You can work with other large businesses and creators, too! Partner with others on giveaways or competitions and give followers products from both brands. Working with other businesses is mutually beneficial. You can reach their audience, and they can reach your audience. This allows you to capture more customers and sell more products! Just be sure to tag your collaborator in your posts and videos.

Don’t forget to sell

The point of your social media accounts and online presence is to build brand awareness and boost sales. When you make your social media accounts, ensure you have linked your website or storefront to your bio. In each post, include a CTA encouraging your audience to click the link in your bio to check out what you have available. Instagram Shop has a click-and-shop feature where you can tag your products in a post. When users tap on the product in the photo or video, Instagram will route users to that product’s landing page on your website. Pretty neat, right?

As you grow your brand, always use the shopping features available to you! These are meant to make shopping easier for consumers, which encourages them to purchase more. If these tips sound overwhelming or you can’t see your current strategy translating into social media selling, it might be time to rework your approach. Contact me today, and we can craft a successful Instagram strategy that gets your products sold! 

Growing your health and beauty business online takes time, money, and patience! Don’t be discouraged after the first few months. Those are always the hardest! Growth gets easier when you stay dedicated to your social media strategy.

Having a dedicated social media account for your health and beauty business builds brand presence, awareness, and loyalty among your followers. If creating and managing social media for your small business sounds intimidating, you don’t have to do it alone! Contact me to get started on your one-of-a-kind, personalized strategy and make your health and beauty brand a hit online. 

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