The Secret of Content Marketing Success

Consistency, Quality, & Kick-Ass Content
Photo by Stefan Steinbauer  on Unsplash

So maybe that headline was just click-bait to peek your interest and there’s really no secret… or maybe the headline itself is the secret? Either way, you are interested in improving your content marketing strategy and that’s what led you here.

Many will argue that it’s a lot of trial and error processes that help you find what works best for your company, clients and helps your improves…but there’s still tips and tricks are in important to your success.

Quality and good content is a key factor, along with relevant and useful content to engage your audience.

If you’re new to content marketing then here’s a beginner’s guide about it.

Create helpful headlines

A good headline should be irresistible and triggers an emotion to read further, your headline shouldn’t be aiming to just promote a brand or an idea.

The headline should still contain useful information that builds trust with your audience and not misleading.

Relevant keywords for your Audience

Yes, SEO is a good thing, I’m not saying to throw it out the window. I’m saying try to please your users or potential customers. Focus on the right traffic and hit objectives, don’t use relevant words that bring you more traffic and doubles your bounce rate.

Think about your potential customers and what they might type in the search bar and use that as your keywords. This way you are still targeting your audience but still showing up in search results.

Get their attention as soon as possible

Show them the good stuff…aka what you have to offer. Don’t use fluff words just to fill space. Use actual information your audience clicked the link to advertise your products or services.

After you get their attention, use a fun and catchy intro to raise enthusiasm for your content but after that simply tell them about the topic and explain the main points.

Clickable CTA’s

Basically, you won’t get any action unless you ask for you it. Give your audience the opportunity to take action, this can be as simple as a “Download” or “Learn More” button. Or if your main goal is to get them to contact you for more information, keep a “Contact Us” at the foot of your web-page, email blast…etc.

Stay Updated

Your website or blog will constantly need to be updated with relevant content. This doesn’t just help your SEO but it also helps you reach your audience on other channels.

Social media is a great tool to use to promote your content if you are regularly publishing content. And if you are new to social media marketing…read my previous article, More Than Just A Post.

So Why Go Through All This Work?

Content marketing builds long-term trust, increases the lifetime value of customers, and fosters relationships, which all adds to your bottom line. It has proven to bring in high-quality leads and customers better than most digital strategies.

Thanks for reading!