The Girl Boss is Dead – Long Live the Intuitive Entrepreneur 

Why have it all when you can just pick exactly what you want?

Guest blog by: Alyssa Simpson

Welcome to Wildly Creative Studio’s Blog Series, “Empowered Women Empower Women.” Meet Alyssa Simpson, a money mindset and manifestation coach who has built her business on the belief that living intuitively is more fulfilling than trying to be a “girl boss who has it all.”

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Not too long ago, there was a generation of talented female professionals. They were as successful (if not more) than their male counterparts and climbed the corporate ladder in pink stilettos. This image of the girl boss resonated with so many of us entrepreneurs early in life. Nothing was more alluring than the idea of being totally in power and in control. Or better yet, thirty, flirty, and thriving. 

But behind every pair of red-bottom heels came lots of dark circles, sleep loss, and heavy stress levels. It turns out that “having it all” comes with a price. In recent years, we’ve started to learn that it wasn’t about having it all but being thoughtful about what we let into our lives and spaces. 

The girl boss is dead (cause of death: overworked AF) and a new generation of female business leaders has begun to emerge — the Intuitive Entrepreneurs. 

You don’t have to scroll far on Instagram or TikTok to run into a post talking about “soft girl eras” or the importance of balancing our nervous systems, somatic systems, cortisol levels, and every other quantifiable metric that points to the fact that our minds are overloaded and causing us to crash and burn out across our personal lives, careers, and overall well being. 

When I started my business at the age of 25, I wanted to do so mindfully and sustainably. Both my parents died in the span of six months, and I was left feeling lost and on a path that felt inauthentic and misaligned with the new perspective that life forced me to see. Suddenly life felt shorter, and my dreams were too big for my previous career path. 

The new path I forged wasn’t pathed smoothly on my first trip — I’ve made plenty of investments in my business that weren’t worth the outcome. With each one, I learned so much more about myself through the process, even when the end result wasn’t one I anticipated. I learned to accept that it’s all part of my story, even the chapters, paragraphs, and even small blank spaces I didn’t enjoy. 

Simply remembering you’re still the author is all you need to control the narrative on your current page. Bumps are part of every road, but I refused to let a client wanting a refund, someone ghosting their payments, or sunken investment costs not delivering on their promises be the reason I quit. Hell, if anything, that means I’ve made it 😉 

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Operating as an intuitive entrepreneur isn’t about succeeding flawlessly. Bad days and moments are inevitable; we can’t control when they happen, but have total autonomy about how we choose to let them impact how well we’re doing. Rolling with the punches and affirming, “I’m worth it to keep going — regardless if my goals hit on the expected timeline.” Once you recognize your income, analytics, marketing, and branding will get to where you want them to be, you can stay constant in how you perceive yourself in your business and success meter. 

A fundamental pillar to staying constant is engaging in education. I’m a forever student, enrolling in metaphysical courses, reading development books, and investing in spiritual teachers so I can continue to sharpen my craft as a mindset and manifestation coach. I use this intuitive practice to guide others to take a similar approach: take messy action, get a mentor, and get ready to dive into personal development because entrepreneurship is full of opportunities to grow and evolve as a person. That’s right, it takes a lot of work to get to thirty, flirty, and thriving! 


The more you stay aligned with your intuition, the faster and more clearly you’ll understand when opportunities align with your greater purpose. I’ve found that once I get an intuitive download to bring something to life, it typically happens within 90 days. By staying intuitively connected to what parts of my business felt natural and exciting, I found the most joy and success while supporting other intuitive entrepreneurs like you in my community and space.

What transforms mentoring other intuitive entrepreneurs from an opportunity to a truly enriching path is the feedback that I have gotten. Whenever I have someone I didn’t even know paying attention to me and what I say, reach out and tell me what my words and energy have done for them. When I feel like I’m talking into the void, the thank you means the world to me!

Knowing that my purpose & impact is greater than my business. Regardless of what happens in and with my business, the ripple effect I’m creating in women’s lives makes it all worth it and motivates me to do better, be better, learn more, and teach more. I build my business around who I am, my humor, honesty, and even some controversial beliefs. I believe in being hands-on with mindset and manifestation work so that the intuitive entrepreneurs I work with feel seen, heard, and empowered. But if I’m sure of one thing, it’s that  I am a living example of safety in being yourself, and what lights me up is guiding others in permitting themselves to do the same. 

If your passion is there, do it. Maybe shifting from the “high-performance girl boss who can have it all except low anxiety” to a more meaningful and selective approach will resonate with your inner spirit. Overall, your work should nourish your soul, not deplete it. Maybe you’re just starting with a small side hustle and want to ensure you build up in the right direction. Or you just need to shake the imposter syndrome or negative comparison feelings restricting your growth. (Spoiler: most of us are just winging it,  so it’s better that we fly together). There’s nothing that will fully prepare you to start or reset your business or a new career path. 

Just start and listen to your inner guidance — it has all the answers. 

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