Taking the Plunge: An Aspiring Entrepreneur’s Introduction to Building Freedom 

What it takes to go from inspired to soulfully aligned when starting and growing your business

Guest blog by: Andrea | Dancing Leaf Virtual Solutions

Welcome to Wildly Creative Studio’s Blog Series, “Empowered Women Empower Women.” Meet Andrea, a business coach & scaling strategist for soulful service providers who helps service providers scale beyond hourly retainers with strategic + uniquely you offers, so they can create more purpose and profit in their business.

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I remember teetering on the edge, like a diver nervous to make their highest jump yet. There was so much room to fall but even wider space to make the plunge into something, well, cooler. 

While I was never a professional diver, I am a professional business coach and entrepreneur. Making a jump can be just as scary, but you don’t have to wear those swim caps. 

When it comes to entrepreneurship, you don’t need to create the business that others tell you to. Your mission should be your ultimate motivator, and your vision should drive every decision you make. When you are clear on these things, everything else will come together. Sometimes, you just have to take the leap to make it happen. 

I took the plunge in 2019 after feeling stuck in my 9-5. I was searching for freedom, so I scoured the internet for remote work (before it was en vogue!) and learned about virtual assistance work. It wasn’t my end goal, but it was a great starting place to learn online business. I replaced my 9-5 income, quit my job in 5 months, started a VA agency, and earned my online business manager certification. I am a business coach and scaling strategist for service providers and VAs and a systems specialist for soulpreneurs. 

Along the way, I made many mistakes, tried many ideas, and learned enough along the way to align with my business. Now, I can help guide others toward making the best decisions for themselves, starting with your definition of success. 

Success is not a moment in time, nor does it have much to do with money. My success is measured in free time and flexibility. It’s being able to book travel when I want. It’s not setting an alarm to wake up. It’s the fact that I moved from the US to Spain to realize my lifelong dream of living abroad. Connecting with individuals and working 1-1 or in small groups to make a deeper impact. Staying the course on what feels authentic to me is what fuels my growth.

Find Your Success

Discovering Your Reason Within

I would advise any woman wanting to start their own business to have a solid foundation for the “why.” You have to be ready to be dedicated to it through all the ups and downs. My systems build business was inspired by the desire to create something truly needed where I could focus on one thing but package it up in a way that I felt filled a gap in the market. I threw out the cookie-cutter model that led to stagnation and burnout, and replaced it with a customized plan to unlock sustainable growth.  

As a business coach and scaling strategist for soulful service providers, I help scale beyond hourly retainers with strategic and unique offers so they can create more purpose and profit. My coaching is unique because of my Intentional Scaling Framework, which resulted from the unique combination of my background (I use my therapy techniques in my coaching!) and personal misadventures as an early entrepreneur.  If you need help scaling with intention, join me for my next round of group coaching. Ascension is a six-month accelerator for soulful service providers, during which we co-create and bring to life your next-level scalable offer suite centered on your dream life vision and unique magic. 

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Finding What Fuels You

I truly appreciate everyone who trusts me to help them and do my best to honor that relationship. My systems build arm of my business is unique because we create alignment from a holistic view. We base them on your personality, your vision, and your strengths so you can use them. I have hugely increased my confidence and my ability to listen to and trust my intuition through various mindset and energetic exercises. I worked on my money mindset with a coach. I learned to become visible and take up space — now it’s your turn. 

There is no end goal, so slow down, enjoy the ride, grow, and move forward one step at a time.

My mission and dream life vision are my driving motivators. I know that I am here to help change lives. This begins and ends with inner work. I am diving into intuition, focusing on learning, and finding resources, like coaches, podcasts, and mentors, that inspire you. These habits lead you to and keep you focused on your why. They are the foundation that keeps you centered throughout the ups and downs. Because when you finally let go and take the plunge, you can make your biggest splash. 

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