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Our DFY Services

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full service digital marketing

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Our Services

Marketing Strategy
Content Marketing Strategy
Social Media Strategy
Brand Strategy
Email Marketing Strategy
Paid Social Media Marketing Strategy
Marketing Consulting

Social Media Management
Paid Social Media Campaign Management
Brand & Logo Design
Custom Branded Social Media Graphics
Marketing Collateral
Lead Magnet Design
Email Marketing Nurture Sequences
Website Design (SquareSpace & WordPress)
Google My Business Set up & Optimization 

Our Signature Marketing Services

Imagine the peace of mind that comes with entrusting your social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing to a team of seasoned experts. While we dive deep into strategic planning, forging a seamless online journey for your ideal leads, you can focus on what you do best.

We’re not just enhancing your online presence; we’re your storytellers, your connection builders. Through the power of emotional storytelling, we transform your brand into something relatable, aligning it with your audience’s everyday aspirations and desires. We position you as the undisputed leader in your industry, making your brand the go-to choice for your potential customers.

What Services can we Handle In a Full Suite Digital Marketing Package?

All packages require a 3-Month Commitment and starting price is $2,297

Our packages typically include: 

Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing
Blog Writing
Design Work (Graphics for social media, email, print, etc) 
Other Services we have included in Full Suite Digital Marketing: 
  • Google My Business Set Up / Optimization
  • Paid Social Media Advertising Management
  • Creation of lead magnets & email funnel set up
  • Sales Page Design + Copy Edits 

Platforms we typically work with:

  • WordPress
  • Squarespace 
  • ShinePages
  • FloDesk 

If you don’t see your platform listed, let us know and we might be able to work with it. 

Type of Clients We Serve:

We currently are serving (or have served)…..

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Nonprofits
  • Business Coaches
  • Distilleries
  • Interior Designers
  • Lawyers
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Real Estate Coaches
  • Hair Salons /  Medical Spas
  • Handymen / Lawn Care Service Providers

Don't want the Full Suite Digital Marketing experience?

Contact us for semi-customized packages based on your marketing needs

Break up with the 24/7 hustle while STILL making the money you desire through Marketing & Sales Coaching

So you’re finally ready to start building a business that SERVES your desired lifestyle? 
You’ve found the right place.
Around here, I am alllllll about building a sustainable business through intentional strategy….HELLO BUZZWORDS so what does that even mean? 
TL;DR…you’re building a business that WILL support your the lifestyle you crave…meaning no more working weekends and evenings…no more being chained to your screens, no questioning where the heck your next client will come from and no more frantically checking your bank account to see if you can pay bills or go out for a fancy date night.
Get ready to create overflow and FINALLY work less and make more (no that’s not just a catchphrase around’s a reality)

Marketing & Sales Strategy is my jam…but you and I will work on soooo much more because I’m not just here as your coach; I’m your strategic growth partner.
Every step we take is entirely customized to help you achieve your business goals and, most importantly, live the life you’ve always envisioned. Let’s make your business dreams a reality together.

It's time to explore your options:

1:1 Private Mentorship

This is for you, if you’re an online service provider or coach that is ready to niche down and start learning how to build your business through intentional strategy.

You’ve made it this far in your business. You’re growing, you’ve hit income months you never thought possible and now you’re wondering WHAT IS NEXT.

You have a clear vision of what you want out of your business in the next 2 – 5 years HOWEVER you don’t know the “HOW” on how to get there.

That’s where I come in as your coach.

I help you create a plan & strategy for your business — and then you start taking steps to implement.

With customized support, bi-weekly calls, and content review — you’ll be able to take fast actions inside of your business, refine strategies, and continue to grow as you and I work together.


What’s Included:

– Fully customized 1:1 consultation

– Bi-weekly calls (60 mins each)

– Slack support M-Th

– Customized marketing & sales strategy for business growth

– Access to programs, trainings, and resources

– Co-creation support / material review (Audits & feedback on all marketing materials)

– You and I will start with your goals and vision for you 2 – 5 year plan, then build a roadmap and plan out HOW you want to continue to build your business

4-Month Commitment Required | $1,500 per month or $6,000 PIF

1:1 Mini Sprint

This is for you, if you’re an online service provider or coach that is a fast action taker. You know what you want out of your business but you just need some support on creating a plan & strategy.

That is where I come in:

I help you create your 90 day plan, you’ll know what steps you need to take & what strategies to put in place to hit your 90 day plan goals.

You no longer have to create content alone…from reviewing content, helping you plan out your content topics, and helping you integrate sales into your content — there is no more second guessing what to say in post, reels, or stories.

Your bi-weekly calls are set up for you to come ask questions while the Slack Support is set up to help keep you accountable.

60 days is fast but if you’re willing to put in the work — you’ll start seeing the momentum you want.

What’s Included:

– 60 days of fully customized 1:1 consultation

– 4 calls (60 mins each)

– Slack support M-Th

– Customized marketing & sales strategy for business growth

– Co-Creation Support – audits and feedback on sales pages, content, emails, blogs, funnels, etc

60 day commitment required | Two Payments of $1,500 per month or $3,000 PIF


Content Marketing Elixir | $525

This VIP package is your DIY solution for crafting captivating content that engages your audience like never before.


What’s Included:

  • One 60 min call to outline & strategize your content strategy (recorded & delivered)
  • 20 content prompts delivered to you after our call within 3 business day
  • Recommended posting schedule to help maximize your reach & engagement
  • Researched hashtags 
  • 2 weeks of slack support to discuss your content strategy

let’s talk.

Ready to take your business to the next level in the digital world? Contact us today for a free consultation.

Together, we’ll build a future of increased brand recognition, higher website traffic, more sales, and loyal customers who keep coming back.

Need Help?


Still noodling over applying to work with us? Here are some of our most common questions that might make it easier for you.

We typically only serve 3-5 clients as a time for our Full Service Marketing Services. We want to make sure quality of work is never compromised so we take a limited amount of full service marketing clients. 

We take on 4 Content Marketing Elixir calls each month and can hold up to 4 Bespoke Marketing Consultation Clients.

We offer *semi-customized* packages. If you aren’t looking for full service but still want DFY (done for you) work done – then we still encourage you to apply to work with us & then state what you’re looking for. If we don’t offer it, then we’ll recommend you to a trusted business associate. 

Our CEO Alicia is the lead project manager on each project. However, we are a team of experts she has carefully contracted to help with the work load. As Wildly Creative Studio grows, our team will slowly grow however, all strategy is done by Alicia and 90% of client communication is through Alicia. 

We offer DFY Lead Generation & DM Sales on a referral basis. If this is something you really want to outsource, DM us on Instagram and Alicia will walk you through current packages and prices. 

Wildly Creative Studio’s office hours are Monday – Thursday from 10:00 am CST – 4:00 pm CST. 

Because our team is made up of talented experts that all work remotely, project work is done when the team member wants to work. 

We believe in a flexible work schedule that allows us to live first and serve at a higher quality. 

We are human so we take time off!

We currently have all federal holidays with flex days blocked off & built in.

Example: if Fourth of July is on a Friday — our office will be closed Friday & Monday. 

Right now, we are also off the week between Christmas Eve & New Years Day. 

Sick days & mental health days are also taken when needed. 

We don’t want to be working on your project if we truly can’t produce quality work — so if we need a day, we’ll let you know that communication with the person taking time off will not be available that day.