Selling with Authenticity: How to Be Genuine and Persuasive in Your Marketing

Can we all agree that sometimes marketing comes off as sleazy and disingenuous? Like they’re just trying to get a sale out of you and not care about anything else? 

You know what I’m talking about… We’ve all seen those kinds of marketing tactics, and honestly, nothing turns me off of a company faster. 

Unfortunately, I was trained for many years on how to use manipulation in marketing. It was icky, and I hated doing it. However, in the last three years as a business owner, I’ve learned to retrain my brain to focus on genuine connections. And it works and feels so much better.

I want to give you tips on selling with authenticity so you can feel good about your marketing and the type of audience you’re attracting.

Sales = Communication

Sales is a form of communication. You’re tapping into the fears, challenges, wants, desires, and needs of your ideal client. Then, you communicate how you can create the transformation they desire, why you’re the expert, how you’re going to help them, and why you’re the person for them.

It has nothing to do with a sleazy gimmick or manipulation.

It has everything to do with understanding your ideal client and the impact you know you can make in their business. You just have to learn how to communicate it clearly. If you believe in your offers, you don’t have to be manipulative; you’ll naturally attract people because you’re passionate and genuine about helping them.

Attraction Marketing

When it comes to being genuine in your marketing, a lot of that is tied into attraction marketing. You’re giving your ideal client a chance to relate to you. Help them feel like they are a part of your space by opening up a clear line of communication and connection, which stems from sales. 

Being persuasive doesn’t mean you’re trying to convince them to hand over their credit card. It’s walking them through their current pain points, giving them the space to feel how urgent the need for transformation is, and giving them the solution they crave. 

Basically, you’re telling them what they want to hear because you know exactly what that is. You know your ideal clients as if they are your childhood friends and can understand the struggles they’re dealing with. Maybe you’ve been in that position yourself. You can relate to them and understand how frustrating it can be to struggle. You also know the solution that will actually help them, and your marketing efforts simply explain why your solution is the best one. 

how to sell with authenticity

Selling with Authenticity

It all comes down to understanding human behavior, the buyer process, and how your ideal clients make decisions. There’s a bit of psychology-based sales techniques involved, but this way, you aren’t focused solely on the sale; you’re focused on the impact. You’re explaining how working with you will get them the results they crave. You’re aligning with your mission: serve your customers to the best ability.

Overall, you have to ask yourself… Does this person align with my higher mission? Does this service help me get closer to my mission and complete my vision? If not, the sale is not for you. And that’s completely okay. You don’t want to work with those people. If so, it’s a journey and experience between both you and the client.

How to be Persuasive and Authentic

This is something I think people get tripped up on – how to be persuasive AND authentic. You can be both! Think about what persuades you to purchase something. Is it hearing positive feedback from people in your network? Sounds authentic to me. The business had no say in that – your friend simply had a great experience with them.

What about when a business owner hears you out when you’re struggling with something? You hop on a discovery call, and they actually listen to your past experiences and validate you. I would work with that person because I feel like they care about me.

What about being allowed to make your own decisions? The business owner isn’t pressuring you to make a decision or making you feel bad about thinking it over. They let you do your thing and are there if you need anything. That’s the kind of marketing and experience I love having.

Persuasion and authenticity can go hand-in-hand. You don’t have to be one or the other. In fact, they are the perfect duo to attract the right people to your business.

Knowing your buyer types allows you to be both authentic and persuasive because you know how to communicate with them in a way they understand. You know how to empower them! You know how to talk to your ideal customer (AKA how to tap into their pain, fear, and challenges) and can use it in a way that motivates them to take action and purchase. That doesn’t make you sleazy. It means you know how to help, communicate with, and serve them. 

Do’s and Don’ts

Let’s go over some quick do’s and don’ts for selling with authenticity

  • DO be vulnerable and open up to your audience about your past struggles.
  • DO give value to your audience in your marketing and your services. 
  • DO offer services that give results. And don’t be afraid to show them off! 
  • DO be yourself. We love a genuine queen!
  • DON’T try to sell everyone you talk to. Some people aren’t the right clients for you, and you should feel good about letting them work with someone else.
  • DON’T lie about your services or results from other clients.
  • DON’T be fake. 

I know marketing can feel icky for some people. It all comes down to this: Believe in your services and share that belief with the world. The right people will come. The ones who relate to you, share similar experiences and enjoy your personality. Those are your people and the ones you’ll naturally attract. Selling with authenticity isn’t difficult if you just be yourself ⭐

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