Blending energetics & strategy to help you create at $100k+ journey

without the girlboss hustle

Instead of being tied to your computer all summer long, hustling to sign clients & make the money you want...this could be you instead:

enjoying a slow morning after you just slept in, now you're about to enjoy a warm breakfast with the kiddos.

After everyone is fed and you've have your cup of coffee, you check your email and a couple of hours of work and then close down the computer for the afternoon.

You plan on spending the afternoon catching some sun, reading a book and watching the kiddos play in the yard...heck maybe you'll take a trip to target or go get some ice can spend time however you want because your business supports it.

I've been in your shoes....

always tied to your screens, swamped between the current client work you have and trying to sign your next client but not matter how much you do, nothing is working 

you know you should be selling everyday but you really don’t know what that means other than sending DMs

– you’re creating new offers every quarter hoping one of them will finally bring in leads

– always promoting $1,000 off your packages but only hearing crickets 

– you wanna make more money and figure out how to attract leads and bring ready-to-buy leads into your DMs but every magic pill you’ve taken leaves you wondering like a lost soul and stuck in the same spot you were in 6 months ago 

– you’re ready to start operating business in a way that works for you so you can finally spend weekends catching a new movie, going to brunch and shutting off your phone guilt free

You're feeling stuck in your business because you're not acting like the's time to change that through energetics & strategy.

After 6-months of customized & Intimate support

Your Life & Business Could Look Different

You’re no longer tied to your screens. You have your nights and weekends back to spend time with family, read that next fantasy book, binge watch Netflix guilt free.

You know how to sell your offers. Sales become fun and instead of just sending DMs and booking sales calls, you know how to sell in stories, content, and build funnels that work on auto-pilot.

You’re confident in your offers. No longer feeling the need to create more offers or offer $500 off of services each month.  

You’re finally operating your business and your life how you want to. You can block out the noise of the online space and focus on serving your people and meeting your goals. 

You’ve created strong boundaries, broke up with unaligned clients, created white space in your calendar and finally feel good about how you work inside of your business. 

Imagine this:


You’ve finally stepped into the CEO role of your business – your business operates the way you’ve always wanted it too.

$5k months are your sales minimum (yes, you read that right)

You’re finally at a place in your life that:

  • finding and working with your dream clients feels easy
  • spending your weekends disconnected from the screes is possible
  • you’re no longer worried about how you’re going to pay the bills.
  • you love your business again & look forward to the next 6 months 


Ready, Set, Grow

This 6-month intimate group program was designed for you. 

It was designed for the women who aspire to achieve a life-first business model without sacrificing financial success.

Who believe that you don’t have to work more to make more. 

Who know there’s a better way to do business that hustling 24/7. just to work with unaligned clients, feel drained and still not see the money they want in the bank account. 

TL;DR…The online space does a really good job of fucking with what we truly desire.

At some point…you got lost in the hustle and “trying to make it” that you lost the reason WHY you started your business in the first place…and it’s time to get back to that. 

So, if you’re ready to change that…it’s time un fuck your brain & learn how energetics & strategy can give you the life & business you love. 

Benefits & Features

Here’s what you’ll get inside:
    • One 1×1 60 min call with Alicia to plan your custom roadmap and business plan
    • Three group hot seat coaching calls per month (#no question left behind) that will help you refine your messaging, ask burning questions, work on mindset, and sooo much more
    • Resource templates that will help you with content, selling on stories, mindset work, selling in the DMs, creating emails that sell for you
    • Prerecorded modules that teach you the skills and strategies – you get access to the full Ready, Set, Grow Course which contains trainings designed to help you build the skills you need
    • 6 months access in our Private Slack community for additional support (#noquestionleftbehind)
    • Hands on co-creation support and audits – (hello, unlimited content review) get hands-on support with social media captions, sales pages, emails, etc. 
    • An intimate community of your new biz besties (it’s giving me virtual boozy brunch vibes meets romantasy book club)

Sounds great!


Get an extra 60 min 1×1 call with Alicia when you Pay In Full

This could be you....

What's in the Course?

Start with a customized roadmap for what you need to focus on for the next 12-week PLUS a business plan for the next 2-3 years. 

Here you’ll break down business and life goals and you’ll learn how to build a business that supports your life goals. 

Here’s you’ll dive into the basics of mindset practices, dive into self-meditations, and learn how to step into your authentic self, while removing mindset blocks around showing up, sales, boundaries, etc. 

You’ll learn tools to continue daily mindset work and revisit practices when limiting beliefs come forward and try to block your success. 

Finally learn how to make sales easy. Here you’ll learn how to blend energetics with sales and create strategies that do the heavy lifting for you. 

In this module, you’ll dive deeper into the psychology of sales, you’ll learn about the buyer types and how to create a content strategy that speaks to each buyer type. You’ll learn how to sell in your Instagram stories, how to create content that speaks directly to your ideal customer’s greatest desires, and how to hold sales conversations in the DMs and on calls. 

Sales is often the most missed skill that is never taught, so by the end of this program you’ll have the knowledge and skill set you need to improve your sales skills. 

Learn the strategies I have used on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook groups to make my clients thousands

In this module, I’ll break down Instagram Engagement, Lead Generation, & DM Sales.

I’ll provide the strategy I use to grow a Facebook Group and use it to land clients.

And you’ll even get my secrets to lead generation and sales on LinkedIn. 

Learn how to navigate conversations, overcome objections, and use permission based selling to sign more clients in the DMs. 

Learn how to build a business beyond Instagram.

In this module, you’ll learn how to build systems that work for you, set up email drip campaigns that nurture your warmest leads and sell your offers for you. 

You’ll learn what systems to set up in your business that can do most of the selling for you, giving you more time to enjoy life, go on boozy brunching and watch sales come in on auto-pilot. 

You might be in love with your offers now, but what happens when you start a family, or you wanna take of a month during the summer and travel, or you need more time in your schedule for jam packed kid’s events?

Want to scale past $10k months?

Part of your 2-3 year plan is to have an idea of what offers to add in so you can continue to hit those bigger goals. 

Is it adding on passive offers, courses, coaching programs, done with you services, coaching services, higher ticket offers? 

This is where you get to have fun and plan out your business along with your goals. 

So when the time comes to make big moves, you’re ready. 

Going beyond charge your worth (lol what does that even mean). 

You’ll learn how to break down prices and build out packages as you grow you business. 

Using my proven pricing formula, you’ll have a tool you can use the rest of your business days.

Want to grow a team? This tool gives you the pricing you need to set to pay yourself and pay your team members. 

Want to work less hours during the week? You’ll know exactly what to price so you can continue making more money while you spend less time tied to your screens. 

There’s a science behind your prices but it’s also energetics. So here, you’ll learn how to set prices that make you feel good and are backed up by a proven formula

Ready to go all in??


You're an online service provider or coach

You're ready to break-up with the girlboss hustle

You're excited to see how energetics and strategy can blend together to create a six figure business you love

You know you're really good at what you do but don't know how to communicate that with your ideal audience

You're confident in your offers & services

Your bank account just doesn't reflect the countless hours of work you put in

Heyyyy Bestie, I'm Alicia

your marketing & sales coach

I went from working 24/7, never seeing the sun, making poverty wages in my 9-5 job.  To palm sweating, anxiety poops, handing in my notice because I was ready to go full time in my online business.  

I knew I wanted more out of life than working 40+ hours a week and barely scraping by. So, I took action and created a business that gave me the freedom of choice, time, and supports my dream lifestyle (hello guilt free binge watching Netflix weekends and traveling to the beach cos I want to). 

I went from $2k months to $8k+ months in under 12 months. Have helped countless women transform their businesses and create more time in their calendars to binge Netflix guilt free, spend time with families, and travel just because they wanted a weekend getaway. 

Each time I invested in different coaching programs, I showed up to calls, asked questions, and did my homework. I bought into all the magic being sold, yet I was still seeing major gaps.


When I asked mindset questions, I got ‘lean into it” and “show your authority”. When I asked about sales, I was directed to a sales script for DMs and was told to keep showing up.

If you’re like “same girl” (first, I’m sorry) but Ready, Set, Grow is for you. 

I created Ready, Set, Grow to fill in those gaps. 

After I finally learned the sales skills beyond DMs, I scaled my business as a DFY lead generation and DM sales expert, built an amazing team and soared past $5k months.

Now, I’m here to empower driven online business owners just like you, make more money and build a lifestyle first based business.

Get ready to love showing up & selling your offers with confidence & making a shit ton of money.

Still noodling on it?

Here are some helpful q's

Absolutely! $5k months are the bare minimum to achieve inside of Ready, Set, Grow. 

If you’re already there but have only depended on referrals, or sales still feel inconsistent, Ready, Set, Grow, is designed to help you implement strategies that bring in consistent sales. 

Have you tried to grow past $5k months but experiences overwhelm and burn out?  

Module 1, 2, 5, & 6 will be your best friends in scaling past $5k months. 

If you decided you want more 1×1 calls then you’ll have the opportunity to either upgrade to a hybrid 1×1 / group package or buy discounted 1×1 calls when you want the. 

Absolutely! Sales is sooooo much more than having conversations in the DMs or booking sales calls.

While that is important, there is a lot more to learn. 

Which is why we dive into sales energetics, sales psychology, sales content, buyer types, and different lead generation strategies you can use in your business. 

Ready, Set, Grow is an intimate group of your future biz besties. 

You get the vibes of being in the room with women business owners that are working towards a similar goal BUT also 1:1 coaching vibes through the co-creation support. 

I only open 10 spots max so I can make sure this still feels intimate and you don’t get lost in the crowed. 

All calls will be recorded and dropped in Slack. If you have questions you want answered on that call, you’ll be able to drop them in Slack before our call begin and I will answer the question on the call and you’ll have the replay to look back on. 

Ready, Set, Grow is a coaching program designed to help you get results in 6-months.

What you get out of it, is what you put into it. 

The co-creation allows you to take what you learn and implement right away. 

Due to the nature of online digital products, I don’t offer refunds BUT if you truly feel that Ready, Set, Grow is not a fit for you — you may cancel and all payment will be stopped. 

If you Paid in Full – then you’ll receive a pro-rated refund. 

You’ll lose access to the modules and support after canceling.'ve made it this let's be real

You’ve been in this same cycle of business, riding the highs when sales are good but then you find yourself panicking when the pipeline drys up. You can either stay in this cycle or make moves today to get out of that cycle, grow a sustainable business and actually start living life how you want to. 

You’ve ready every word on this page, hovered over the button to get started, want to take action so what’s holding you back? 

The choice is up to you, do you stay in this same sport or do you take action?