Maximize Your Blog By Publishing At The Right Time

Whether you’re writing for fun or for business, one thing that is true to any blogger is a blog post that doesn’t get read doesn’t do you any good.

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We all want as many people to read our posts as possible — I mean we just spent hours on this single blog post and to see huge amounts of traffic, lots of comments and claps is all a blogger wants to see. It gives us a reassurance that what we are writing is impacting someone else.

But we can’t get that satisfaction if no one reads our post.

Just like any other form of marketing, strategy plays a key role in publishing your blog post.

How The Time of Day Affects Your Blog

It’s important to know what time of day your audience is accessing your site. If you are publishing on your own website, Google Analytics is a great source to learn about your website’s traffic patterns. You can cross-reference conversions to identify best performance hours or find out your peak times from raw traffic by checking out Hour and Day of the Week Reports.

Let Data Be Your Best Friend

If you are the type of person that doesn’t like data or doesn’t understand it, I highly suggest you taking a few courses to learn how to track through Google Analytics because ultimately data is going to be your best friend.

In general, traffic patterns tend to be:

  • Morning: 7 a.m. — 9 a.m. — high-traffic before people head to work
  • Lunch: 12 p.m. — 2 p.m. traffic spikes during people’s lunch break
  • After Work: 4 p.m. — 6. p.m. spikes again before/after people leave work.
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Taking Your Blog Post One Step Further

Thankfully Kissmetrics has already done a lot of research on maximizing your blog post. Based on the results from its own clients, it has determined blog timing best practices that give you great insights on when to share your post.

Best Day to Post a Blog

The average blog post gets the most traffic on Mondays.

Best Time To Post A Blog

The average blog gets the most traffic around 11 a.m. — wait what?

Remember earlier I said the best time was around lunchtime right? 11 a.m. makes a lot more sense if you consider people’s attention to work starts drifting off the lunch hour approaches.

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Is There A Best Time A Blog Post Can Go Viral?

A study by Noah Kagan used data from BuzzSumo where they analyzed the social share counts of over 100 million articles to determine what makes content go viral.

Kagan found blog posts published on Tuesday had the largest total of shares. However, LinkedIn and Pinterest made an exception because people were more likely to share on Mondays.

Publish date and time were not the only factors that made posts successful. He also credited the chances of a post going viral to length, images, humor, trust factor and if it got a share from an influencer.

Is There A Day A Blog Post Gets the Most Comments?

Research has shown that blogs tend to get the most comments on Saturday. Many people do their weekly blog reading on Saturday when they have the time to read a lot and think about what they are reading and have a chance to say a thoughtful comment.

So Is There A Time A Blog Post Get the Most Comments?

Saturday morning — around 9 a.m. local time.

How Does Social Media Affect The Blog Posting Time?

Social media is a great tool to promote your blog. Each channel has different optimal times to post that gives you the most traffic for your post. In my recent post, Best Times To Post On Social Media, I go through each channel and break down the best days and times to share content.

In general, optimal social media times intertwine with optimal blog post times. Think of the three main categories: Before Work, Lunch Break, and After Work.

Trial and Error To Find The Best Time For Your Blog

I can go on and keep referencing different research studies that show the best times to post a blog which helps gives you an idea of the best times to publish. But ultimately the best way to find the best times to post for your blog is to conduct your own study.

Ultimately, it is you who determines that day of the week and time of day will give you the most traffic for your content.

Two tools you can use to conduct your own study is Sprout Social and again Google Analytics.

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Sprout Social

Sprout Social helps you find the time of day and days of the week when your posts received top engagement or traffic back to your site. Based off of that research you can start building a publishing schedule for the following week.

Sprout Social also collects all the data from multiple social media platforms and combines the data into the Sent Messages report. This gives you an overall look at impressions, engagements and click-through rate.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics has a real-time reporting tool that allows you to examine live user behavior on your site. This helps you find out when you are getting the most visits, where your audience is located, what content they are viewing, what source referred them to your side and whether your site traffic comes from mobile or desktop.

Now that I have given you suggestions on when the best time to publish your content and tools that help you conduct your own research, it’s now up to you to utilize your sources and maximize your blog post.

Thanks for reading!