How To Use LinkedIn to Generate New Leads

In today’s digital world, LinkedIn has grown into a resource for professionals to network and communicate with like-minded experts. It can also be a robust lead generation tool to generate new leads. 

LinkedIn lead generation can be an asset when building your business. I’ll share some tips on how to get new LinkedIn leads by using LinkedIn’s InMail and Sales Navigator features, as well as how to optimize your profile to attract dreamy leads. By following these tips, you can use LinkedIn to generate new leads and expand your business!

Why LinkedIn for Lead Gen?

LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for networking and communicating with like-minded professionals. It makes up the largest professional network in the world, with over 740 million members. LinkedIn gives companies access to a vast network of experts and decision-makers constantly looking for opportunities and solutions. Through specific targeting choices like industry, job title, geography, and company size, LinkedIn allows businesses to reach their ideal audience. 

LinkedIn allows businesses to collect high-quality LinkedIn leads directly on the platform. Lead gen forms enable businesses to capture valuable information from potential customers, such as name, company, job title, and contact details, without the hassle of directing users to external landing pages. 

LinkedIn also provides powerful analytics and reporting features, allowing businesses to track the performance of their campaigns and measure key metrics like clickthrough rates and conversion rates. LinkedIn’s lead conversion rates are 3x higher than other major platforms! So now the only question is, how do you generate leads?

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Tips to Get New Leads on LinkedIn

There are many different ways to generate new LinkedIn leads. Ultimately, you will need to analyze how your content performs, but these are just a few we suggest and have worked well for our clients in the past.

Optimize Your Profile

If you start by optimizing your profile, you can improve the chances of attracting the interest of potential clients and partners. People will check your profile before responding to messages or accepting connection requests. Ensure you have enough information about who you are, the services or solutions you provide your clients, and the clientele you serve. At its core, LinkedIn is a social media platform for businesses and professionals. By making your profile as robust as possible, you position yourself as an authority figure in your industry and make it simpler for people to find you.

Oh, and don’t forget to do the same with your company profile if you have one! Your business profile should be complete before you start posting and working to improve engagement.

Learn About Your Audience

Understanding your target audience to create leads on LinkedIn efficiently is crucial. Making a buyer persona—a fictionalized picture of your ideal customer—is a potent strategy for achieving this. Creating a buyer persona enables you to understand the thoughts, emotions, and lifestyles of your ideal clients. Which types of businesses do they own? What are their concerns and areas of interest? By being aware of these specifics, you can modify your messaging and content to resonate with your target audience, increasing the likelihood they will interact with you.

Diving into your audience’s activities and interests on LinkedIn is like striking gold! When we take the time to research their profiles, posts, groups, and content, we gain invaluable insights into what matters most to them. What topics are they passionate about? What challenges do they face in their industry? What content do they engage with? Armed with this knowledge, we can create personalized and thoughtful messages that demonstrate we genuinely understand their needs. We build a foundation of trust and connection by showing interest in their interests and addressing their pain points.

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Use LinkedIn InMail

LinkedIn’s InMail messages is a premium feature, allowing you to message another LinkedIn member you’re not connected to directly. If you have a basic (free) account, you can only directly message LinkedIn members you’re connected to. Well, sort of. I actually have a little hack for you! With the free account, you can send InMail messages to members of groups you’re part of, even if you aren’t connected. Use your mutual group as a warm introduction to your InMail message.

You have to upgrade to a Premium account to have unlimited InMail messages. When you upgrade your account, the plan you choose will determine the number of InMail messages you have.

When upgrading to a premium account, you must choose from the following plans: Career, Business, Sales Navigator Core, and Recruiter Lite. We created a little chart below to show you what you get in each plan.

Account# InMail MessagesPrice
Sales Navigator Core50$79.99/mo
Recruiter Lite30$139.99/mo

Consider LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful tool for finding, interacting with, and nurturing high-quality LinkedIn leads. It has extensive search and filtering features that let you focus on your audience. Real-time data from Sales Navigator will help you keep up with prospects and clients. You can save leads, follow their actions, and get tailored suggestions based on their interests and preferences with Sales Navigator.

It offers tools to engage with potential clients directly by sending up to 50 InMail messages monthly, following accounts, and accessing sales information from LinkedIn’s extensive network. To assist you in locating the appropriate decision-makers, Sales Navigator offers a robust set of search options, enhanced insight into expanded networks, and tailored algorithms.

LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful tool for networking and communicating with like-minded professionals. It’s also an excellent platform for generating high-quality leads. By using specific targeting choices and lead generation forms, your business can reach its ideal audience and ensure the right people see you and your content. Optimizing your profile, creating buyer personas, and learning about your target audience are all essential steps in generating leads on LinkedIn. LinkedIn’s InMail and Sales Navigator are two more powerful tools for directly interacting with potential clients and accessing real-time data and tailored suggestions. By following these tips, you can effectively use LinkedIn to generate new leads and expand your business.

Oh, I also have a guide to help you level up your LinkedIn marketing! You can grab that here. Happy lead hunting!

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