How To Spend Less Time On Social Media

Are you in need of a social media detox? I think all entrepreneurs could use a social media break every once in a while. While there are several benefits of social media, it definitely has its downsides. Sometimes we need to spend less time on social media!

I’ve experienced burnout from social media a few times, and that’s coming from a digital strategist! I always got there because I didn’t take breaks. I felt trapped by social media. I’d open my phone and go straight to Instagram, only to scroll and waste 30 minutes. I finally took a social media hiatus, and it was the best thing for me.

Spending less time on social media can have immense benefits for your mental health. I strongly encourage every entrepreneur to take breaks from social media. In this blog, I want to share exactly how you can do that, even if you feel trapped in the grind, too!

Benefits of Less Screen Time

Once you step away from social media, you’ll be amazed at the benefits you experience! Here are just a few of the benefits I had when I took a social media break:

  • Increased productivity: I had fewer distractions and more focus on tasks when I wasn’t tempted to open social media and scroll.
  • Improved mental health: Over-use of social media can contribute to feelings of anxiety, depression, and loneliness. Be mindful of the accounts you follow and the content you consume.
  • Increased creativity: Less screen time encourages creativity and original thinking by allowing your mind to wander. I had so many wonderful ideas for my business while on my social media break.
  • Stress reduction: Reducing screen time can decrease stress levels. You’re limiting exposure to negative news, social comparison, and the constant need to stay connected. In-person connections are important, too!
  • Enhanced focus and attention span: Limiting screen time can help improve your ability to concentrate on tasks. You’ll get so much more done when you aren’t sucked into scrolling.

There are tons more benefits, but these are the most significant I experienced during my social media hiatus! Although it may be uncomfortable at first, a social media break will do wonders for you.

tips to spend less time on social media

Tips to Spend Less Time on Social Media

Alright, let’s get into the good stuff! When I took my social media hiatus, these are the things I did to make sure I wouldn’t break and get back online too soon.

Turn Off Notifications

This is a big one. I’m the type of person who needs to check notifications as soon as they come in (any other Type-A people out there?!). The constant notifications doomed any chance I had at productivity during my working days. Not to mention, I also had social media notifications coming in for each of my clients! 

When I turned off all notifications, I found myself naturally not going to the apps as much. I didn’t need to. The notifications were there when I opened the app, but I wasn’t getting pinged 24/7 with notifications of likes, comments, tags, etc. It was life-changing. 

I know this can feel like you’re abandoning your followers or client accounts, but even checking notifications once a day is plenty. You don’t need the constant interruptions notifications cause.

Track Your Usage

This one is kinda scary. I know it’s uncomfortable to look at your screen time, but imagine how much of that is from social media! I challenge you to take a week and track your usage of social media. Track these stats:

  • How often do you open each app?
  • How long do you spend on social media (the screen time on your phone should tell you!)
  • What you do on the app when you open it (scroll, check notifications, engage with your audience, etc.)

It will be super eye-opening when you look at the final stats. I guarantee you’ll want to change your ways just from seeing how much time you waste on social media. 

Schedule Posts Ahead of Time

I love batching content. It’s efficient for my business and my client accounts. Scheduling posts ahead of time using a social media scheduler means you won’t go into the app as often to post. You’ll have everything scheduled for a week, month, or even quarter ahead of time. 

I recommend scheduling social media posts for every entrepreneur, not just social media managers. Spending a few hours batching posts is much more productive than going into the apps every day to post. You’ll spend much less time on social media by scheduling ahead of time.


The last thing I recommend is outsourcing your social media management and engagement. If you just aren’t able to get in a rhythm of scheduling posts or can’t take a social media break, it may be time to outsource.

I know outsourcing can be scary because you want to make sure the person you hire reflects your brand. At Wildly Creative Studio, we pride ourselves on treating our client’s businesses like the individual companies they are. We do extensive research on your audience and brand voice to ensure we capture your brand essence. You can feel confident knowing we will represent your brand on social media how you would yourself. 

If you’re ready to spend less time on social media, contact us today. We’d be happy to talk about how we can help you take a social media break AND experience growth online.

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