How to Sell in Your Instagram Stories

Integrating Stories into your Instagram strategy is essential for driving traffic to your page, boosting your brand presence, and building loyal followers. Stories are a fantastic way to depart from your regular content and have fun on your page! Instagram Stories offer a ton of fun resources and features that make your audience WANT to engage with your content. We’ve compiled the most important information you need to integrate Instagram Stories into your content strategy to engage your audience and lead to more sales!

Like/Know/Trust Factor

Stories are CRITICAL for you to connect and build trust with your audience! We’d actually say these are more critical for your long-term connection and trust-building than content posting. Stories are a place people come to get to KNOW you on both a personal and business level! Consistently posting to your Instagram Story will increase the like/know/trust factor for your brand, which creates a stronger connection with your audience.

Story Frames

Not all Stories have to be a picture and text! Here are the basic kinds of Story formats you’ll see on Instagram. We recommend using a mix of all of these story frames to ensure your content isn’t repetitive. 

  1. Static: These are single images and photos. You can add text, gifs, and other media to make them interesting.
  2. Face to Camera [F2C]: You actually LOOK at the camera and talk to your audience. This simulates a conversation and can be engaging for your audience. 
  3. B-Roll: Recorded video of your surroundings! B-Roll means that your video isn’t the main focus but works in the background to supplement your Story.

Driving Engagement

The point of posting Stories is to boost brand awareness and engage with your audience. Your viewers will often scroll through Stories, especially if they’re just pictures. That’s why your Story needs to make them STOP and engage with your content! You can hook them by using the resources Instagram offers for Stories. Think stickers, gifs, and audience response features. 

These features really get your audience to SEE your content, not just passively scroll. These are awesome resources, but don’t saturate your Story with them! If you use too many, your audience will just click through your Story. Here are some of the best ways to grab your audience’s attention and drive engagement:

  • Polls: Ask your audience to vote or give an opinion!
  • Questions: Asking your audience for recommendations – or answers to questions!
  • Sliders: Asking your audience to pitch in their thoughts based on a “temperature” or “vibe”. 
  • Quizzes: Asking your audience to TEST their knowledge of YOU – or a topic that you specialize in your business!

You Aren’t Weird

Posting personal Instagram Stories takes some time to get used to. No, you aren’t weird. Does it feel weird to start? Yes! 

As you get more comfortable with the camera and posting Stories, you might start to feel like you’re boring. I’m here to tell you that you aren’t boring! The small things about you are what people connect with. Simple things, like your coffee preference, gets your audience to view you as a person, not just a business.

You can expand this simple content into audience engagement, too! Think about sharing photos or videos of morning walks, outdoor views, or something interesting you see. You can use audience engagement features to get your follower’s opinions on your Story and encourage them to share their day. 

Posting “slice of life” content helps out your page, too. The Instagram algorithm rewards users who consistently post to their Stories by making their pages more visible on users’ feeds and explore pages.   

Personal Engagement

Personal engagement is the way I recommend starting your Stories. This is a genuine method to help people get to know you, which then opens the door for them to learn more about your business. You can garner engagement from your audience by asking the right questions and using the right resources. People love to share and connect with others on a personal level, so relevant questions are sure to boost engagement among your audience. 


Question boxes are an amazing way to ask the thoughts and opinions of those who follow you! The options here are LIMITLESS, but some common examples are:

  • Favorite Movies
  • Binge-Worthy Netflix Series
  • Must Read Books
  • Favorite Social Media Platforms
  • Home Decor
  • Holiday Traditions
  • Fun Family Activities
  • Restaurants/Places to Travel
  • Favorite Meals
  • Product Recommendations
  • Food Recommendations
  • Makeup/Beauty Recommendations
  • Favorite Clothing Brands


Polls often get the highest engagement based on their ease of use. Polls are a great way to show things about YOU and gauge what you have in common with your audience! People don’t have to think too much about their answers, and they’ll be curious to see how others answered the question. These are fun to use in a “this or that” style: 

  • Coffee or Tea
  • Early Bird or Night Owl
  • Shower or Bath
  • Cats or Dogs
  • Hip Hop or Rock
  • Music On or Music Off
  • Fake Plants or Real Plants
  • Cold or Hot Weather


Sliders are a great way to get “reactions” from people in a fun way! These can act as sort of a temperature gauge to see what people’s opinions and preferences are. Sliders can be added to almost any piece of content, whether that be personal or business! Here are a few examples and the slider emoji to use: 

  • Showing a before & after of a clean room and asking how you did → 💯
  • How excited you are for Adele’s new album → 🔥
  • Celebrating a Personal Milestone → 🥂
  • How much they enjoy a down day → 🛁
  • Asking how cute your pet is while they’re sleeping → 😭


Quizzes are an AMAZING way to help your audience get to know you a little better! This is a safe alternative if you are still really uncomfortable using F2C Stories! Here are some example quiz questions:

  • How many states have I lived in?
  • How many times have I moved?
  • What are my kid’s/animal names?
  • What is my spouse’s/gf/bf’s name?
  • What is my “Zodiac Sign”?
  • What was my first vehicle’s name?
  • What is the most embarrassing thing I did in high school?

Business Engagement

Question boxes are great to add in with recommendations OR a place to allow people to ask questions! Examples of how to use Question Boxes:

  • Resharing a client testimonial → “If you’ve considered working with an X, what has stopped you from moving forward?”
  • Uploading a BTS Time Lapse → “What part of this makes you the most excited?”
  • F2C Story about Client Project → “What’s the hardest part for your team in prep for Black Friday?”

Sliders are a way to gauge someone’s interest in what you are doing! Think of these as a “high five” – but also think of these as a touch point that shows someone is interested in what you are doing for others. Some quick examples of how to use these:

  • Brand Design Time Lapse → 😍
  • Funnel Build Time Lapse → 👀
  • Content Creation Time Lapse → 👏🏼

Quizzes are AMAZING to showcase expertise! Audiences love a bit of trivia and being challenged! These are great to add in a couple of places:

  • Reshare one of your Feed Posts & then add a quiz on the next slide to test their knowledge based on what you shared.
  • After you provide an F2C Story of a strategy/project, add a quiz & ask them what the first step of this type of project should be.
  • Quiz them on facts in your industry.

Countdown Timers are a super fun way to help promote within Instagram an announcement you have! Timers build anticipation by getting people excited about what you have to offer.

  • New Offer
  • Service Guide Release
  • IG Live with a Peer
  • IG Live Training

How to Show Your Expertise in Stories

There are tons of different ways to show your expertise and business experience! You can make these Story posts serious or informal depending on the intent. Audiences love seeing processes and how you get things done!

Time Lapses

Time lapses record a long video and speed it up. You can do this on your phone using the time-lapse feature in photos. Using a tripod can often make these a bit easier for you and more visually appealing to your audience! You can literally record ANYTHING on a timelapse!

  • Branding Design
  • Funnel Build
  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Writing a Blog
  • Creating a content calendar

Client Calls

Sharing your client calls is one of the MOST strategic ways to set yourself up for referrals! People depend on testimonies and social proof to see if your service is right for them. If your client is comfortable, take a picture of your call! This could be the two of you smiling in a Zoom meeting, a screenshot of the time you’ve spent talking, or simply mentioning the call in a static post. 

When you share a client call, make sure to tag the client and compliment them on their work, program, or energy. Positivity about your experience with the call generates audience interest and makes your client feel valued! Your client will reshare this Story, and their peers who follow them will likely see their Story post. When they see your username, they’ll flock to your page. This seeding tactic gets interested audiences to find and follow you! 

Story Frequency & Loyal Following

We’d LOVE it if you posted at least 2-3 Stories a day and 5 days (ish) a week! This sounds like a lot, but think about how much time you spend engaging on Instagram for your business. Authority and brand loyalty are built through people feeling CONNECTED to you. It’s impossible to create this connection if you never show up on their feed.

Your Story should become the “central hub” of your social media page. This is where your followers can check in on you and your business and look at the new content you’ve put out. However, your followers will only visit your page if they know you consistently post to your Story!

Story Sales Slides

Showcase your services and offers through a series of sales slides! Sales slides are 5-6 Instagram Stories that inform potential clients about your business as they progress to the next post. Your sales slides need the following information to successfully drive an audience:

  • Who you are
  • Who do you work with
  • The services you offer
  • Client testimonials
  • Spots available

After you’ve posted these sales slides, pin these Stories to the “Highlights” section of your bio. Stories only last 24 hours, so you need to make sure that this info is accessible to people you miss the initial post or follow you later on.

Whew! Who knew this much thought went into Instagram Stories? If you’re developing an Instagram strategy, you need to understand that Stories play a crucial part in connecting with an audience, creating a brand community, and building audience loyalty to your brand.

If posting all these Instagram Stories feels overwhelming, no need to worry! We’re here to help. We love working with businesses to create successful strategies for their business that align with their values and goals! Contact us today to start on a killer Instagram strategy that gets you the results you WANT and DESERVE.

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