How to Nail a Discovery Call for Your Service-Based Business

Discovery calls can be an exciting and nerve-wracking experience! Making a good impression on prospects relies on how you sell your business. The ultimate goal of a discovery call is to learn more about the client’s business to decide if your services are a good fit and if you’d like to work with them. To help out service-based business owners, I’ve outlined some best practices, so you can nail that upcoming call and sign on a new client.

Know What to Expect

A discovery call, or consultation, is a chance to meet a potential client over video. You two will get to know each other and learn how you could work together. Although each discovery call is different, you should expect to explain what your business is, the services you offer, and your systems and processes for working with clients. The potential client may want to know the exact deliverables, timelines, and platforms you use to perform your job. 

Practice definitely makes perfect when it comes to discovery calls. You won’t nail your first one (and if you do, you’re a total natural!) but that’s okay. You’ll learn along the way what to expect from discovery calls. When you have a few under your belt, you’ll get better and better at impressing potential clients!

Do Your Research

Before you get on that discovery call, research the client! You can find information about their business and services by consulting their website, blogs, and social media. Researching your client familiarizes you with their business and helps you decide where to focus your services. 

Find out what the client excels in and where they could improve. If you require a form before a discovery call, consider the issues they outlined while coming up with ideas. If you go into a call with no information about their business, you’re wasting the client’s time by asking questions with answers available on their website. That isn’t a good first impression to set with them, so it’s in your best interest to do that research beforehand.

Prepare Ideas and Questions

After completing your research, come up with a few ideas to pitch during the call. Suggest improvements, content, or website updates. Potential clients like to see that you’ve put some thought into their business, which signals that you’re serious about helping them out. 

During the discovery call, ask questions about how the client operates their business. Inquire about their past experiences, creative processes, results, and future goals. Gaining information on their business behind the scene directs where you should focus your attention or what the client needs the most help with. 

When you understand the client’s wants and needs, lay out what you can do for them. As prospects envision how your business will help them improve and reach their goals, they get excited at the opportunity to work with you. 

Know Your Numbers

Once you’ve discussed ideas and laid out your services, give your client the price tag. Know what you would charge for that service, and be confident telling them! Break down everything the service entails so they can understand what they’re getting. Make sure to have a price sheet on hand to expedite the pricing process and aid in your explanation. If the client adds other services during the call, tell them you will follow up with a quote. You don’t want to be floundering during the call; it will make you seem unprepared for the question that will inevitably come up.

You may have to price differently based on the services you’re performing for them. Confidence is key! You are worth the prices you choose to set. 

Be Genuine

At every step in the discovery call process, be willing to help and answer questions for the prospective client. At the end of the day, sincerity is the most important thing. If you’re disingenuous, people can see right through you. Don’t try to sign on a new client for the sake of the sale.

It’s vital that you communicate if your services can truly help the prospect. If it’s something you don’t think you can help with (or that you wouldn’t like), be honest and suggest the client looks elsewhere for their needs. You could even offer to send a few referrals their way after the call. When you genuinely enjoy working with clients, you get greater satisfaction from what you do. 

A discovery call is just as valuable for your client as it is for you. These calls give you all the information you need to deliver the best service to your clients. Confidently selling your services and explaining your pricing leaves a great impression, resulting in successful discovery calls and signed contracts.

Do you need help creating a discovery call process? I’m here to help! We can create an effective strategy call that markets your services and signs on clients. Contact me today to get started! 

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