How to Create Content that Attracts Your Dreamiest Clients

Is your social media strategy really attracting clients, or is it just keeping your pages active? Looking at your recent engagement can give you a clue, but ultimately it’s about the content you’re putting out. Staggering organic growth can indicate your content isn’t reaching or resonating with the people you want to see it. 

How can you create content that draws in your ideal clients? Today, I wanted to provide some tips and reminders to craft content that attracts your target audience, boosts your page’s reach and engagement, and gets you booked with clients. 

Create for Them, Not You

You may think a resource is helpful, but does your audience? It’s their opinion that matters the most. If you want to attract an audience, your content has to be relevant to them and their needs. Figure out what they know and what they don’t (but should!). Focus on content that will bring them value, success, and solutions. 

While you come up with content ideas, think about the different ways you can integrate your unique products, services, and expertise. Establishing yourself as an authority on the subject is crucial for engaging your target audience. Knowledge and experience signal that you’re the ideal person to take on the job. 

Even with all this information, it can still be hard to figure out what kind of content will set you apart while engaging your audience. This is where you’ll spend some time doing market research. Find your competitors or other content creators and see what kind of content they’re making, and pay attention to emerging trends. 

If you’re still struggling to create content, ask your audience what they want to see. Encourage them to share their thoughts and opinions by getting them to like, comment, and send your posts to others. Hearing directly from the people you’re serving can give you the best information for a content strategy. 

Show Your Personality

People who vibe with you will be drawn to working with you! When you share more about yourself, people get to trust and know you outside your services. When you’ve gained trust, leads feel more comfortable reaching out to you for help. This is known as the know, like, trust factor. Here, the like factor is at work. 

Liking is part of the rules of networking. It’s all about who you know and trust enough to work with. By showing your personality, your audience gets to know you. The more your audience knows and connects with you, the greater their bond with your business grows.

You want to build this positive perception so leads like and trust you enough to reach out and communicate with you about potentially working together. The know, like, and trust factor is essential for drawing in those ideal clients. Don’t be afraid to show off your personality. It helps you connect on a deeper level!

Create on the Platform Your Dream Clients Live on

Even if it’s not your favorite platform, remember it’s not always about you! To connect with ideal clients, you have to go to them. Comb through hashtags or keywords, find popular pages or figures in the industry, and join relevant social media groups your target audience participates in. 

It’s helpful to position yourself and use your audience’s perspective to get an insider look into what they like. Knowing how to post and engage on different preferred platforms will help you increase your page’s visibility and growth. 

As you draft content ideas, think about how you can reuse and repurpose your past content and adjust it for your audience’s preferred platforms. Select relevant or evergreen posts and optimize captions for each platform. You can use this content to draw in an audience while you figure out what else they want to see. 

Know Their Preferences

Your audience will likely have a strong preference for certain content and mediums. Experiment with these factors to find the best content and medium for visibility and engagement. To find out what your audience prefers, reflect on your social media strategy with these questions: 

  • How does your audience interact with videos versus photos?
  • What types of posts tend to get the most attention from your audience?
  • What hooks and CTAs do you use in your most popular content? Do these additions get you more engagement, or is it the content?
  • Does your audience prefer long-form or short-form captions?

Each social media platform has analytics tools to help content creators interpret their social media strategy success. Take advantage of this data to fine-tune your strategy and figure out your audience’s engagement behaviors. 

Value for your audience should always be top-of-mind while you’re creating social media content. It can be hard to balance value with information and branding, but it will get easier as you figure out what your audience likes. Remember that organic growth is slow, but it’s the best way to gain a dedicated following and draw in your ideal clients.

Social media strategy is open-ended, and it can be hard to figure out the right moves. You don’t have to do it alone! I offer social media management and social engagement packages customized to your business, audience, and clients. If you’re ready to get started, reach out today for a discovery call!

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