How To Create An Effective Customer Journey Through a Strategic Website Design

Do you have trouble connecting with your customers or retaining engagement? It might be your website design. You have a short window when someone visits your website to catch their attention and make them stay, so make sure you have the most important information at the top. This usually includes your main call to action, signature services, the solution to the viewer’s problem, and lead capture. 

Most online marketers rely on the customer journey sequence to capture and maintain loyal customers. Having a well-designed website that features compelling content and streamlines purchasing operations defines customers’ loyalty to your brand. Trust and ease of purchase are considerable factors in gaining and keeping leads, aside from what you offer. A priority in your business is to convey trust and legitimacy to your customers through a well-designed website. Your website serves as the first impression of your brand to your customers, so it is crucial to communicate legitimacy in your products and services. Perception is reality, and your website is a vital source of information that builds perception. 

How Your Website Plays a Role in the Buyer’s Journey

Website design is the main success factor when building customer perceptions about your brand. Your website is the customer’s exposure to your brand, and its primary role is to deliver value. This exposure needs to be positive, and it has to encourage your clients to visit often. Customers will visit your website often when searching for information about a product or service. Streamlining your website to make information easily accessible for customers is a priority in upgrading your website design. 

Do not create a complicated layout that is difficult for customers to navigate. Avoid pop-up ads or unnecessary redirect links. The most important thing to remember when designing your website is to keep it simple. You don’t want too much that creates a sense of overwhelm, but you don’t want too little that leaves questions unanswered. Everything from your fonts, colors, images, layout, and copy comes into play when it relates to your customer journey. So by being intentional with every last detail can help you create a website that conveys your message and ultimately converts visitors to leads. 

Blogs are a great way to stay organized on your website while conveying important information. According to Transaction, 81% of customers are likely to do their own research and are very close to a buying decision before reaching out to the company. When advertising your product or service, utilize common keyword combinations customers use when seeking information. This ensures that your page and any information you share will be within the customer’s evaluation set. Alternatively, you could create blogs that share useful tips related to a service you offer. This is building trust with the customer, which is hugely important to growing your company. 

Know, Like, and Trust Factor

Understanding the know, like, and trust factor is paramount for your business to acquire the benefits of strategic website design. “Know” refers to customers being familiar with your website and what you have to offer. “Like” means you are your customer’s preference when seeking information. “Trust” guides customers to believe in your honesty and makes you the default source of information. Combining these three factors will solidify customer trust in your brand, translating to brand loyalty. This factor is vital for supporting a successful customer journey and your brand. Customers rely on others when they lack information about a product. As they grow more knowledgeable and make a purchase decision, you want your business to be top-of-mind because of the relationship you’ve built with the customer. 

Although this factor takes time to create, it ensures that customers are more likely to purchase from you and recommend your products or services to friends and family. Build this factor by being consistent, honest, and transparent with the information you convey on your website. When implementing this factor into website design, use testimonials to boost your legitimacy. If you write blogs or post on social media, make them easy to access and find on your website. When customers see you are trustworthy, they will refer to you as a primary source of information on topics they are not well versed in. Streamlined websites that provide customers with value are vital for building “know, like, and trust” and gaining satisfied customers.

It’s effective to have a sophisticated and streamlined website that provides your customers with information and value. Creating a positive customer experience that allows the customer to rely on your business for trustworthy information about a product or service is essential to building loyalty with customers. It’s important to think about expanding your business beyond the scope of providing just blogs or information, though. Sharing information among customers to boost positive word of mouth and recommendations also includes strategically targeted ads or building social media pages to connect with a target demographic. If you’d like to see how changing your website’s design can positively impact your business, reach out to us today to get started

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