How to Build Your Online Community

One of the best ways to get attention for your business is to build an online community. The attention your business gets from paid ads or word of mouth isn’t enough to retain relevance long-term. You need people to know who you are! This is why building an online community of loyal mutuals and followers through social media is vital for your business’s success. I wanted to offer some tips for building your online community and explain why it’s one of the best assets for your business to have. 

Give Value

One of the golden rules in business is to always make sure you’re providing value to your audience. Your community won’t build or grow if your posts aren’t informative, interesting, or applicable to your audience. How can you provide value in your posts? Here are a few ideas, but don’t feel constrained by these topics!

  • Best practices
  • Information that isn’t well-known
  • How to upgrade or elevate your work processes
  • How you complete tasks or create content
  • Tools and platforms you use for your business 
  • Client testimonials
  • Industry trends
  • Tips and tricks

When your content provides value to your audience, it increases your relevance and brand awareness. These factors are influential in growing your business through recommendations and Explore pages on social media platforms. 

Although your posts should be business-focused, this doesn’t mean you should never post anything about yourself or who you are! This is still valuable to your business. Personal posts communicate that there’s a person behind your business, which helps create a connection with your audience. When your audience gets to know you, it will positively increase their perceptions of you and your brand (more on this later!)

Engage With Your Ideal Audience

You can’t start an online community without knowing your ideal audience! These people will make up a majority of your community, so put some thought into who would be most receptive to your content. Define your client base demographic and other business owners in the industry who provide the same services as you. Building a community with mutual interests is a way to retain connections and relevance over time. 

When you’ve determined your ideal audience, decide what platforms you’ll show up and engage on. Instagram and Facebook are good starting points because it’s easier to find connections through recommendations and feed posts. Start creating a relationship with your audience by liking and commenting on their posts. You will have to be present and engage with other users. Building a community doesn’t happen overnight! Consistent engagement develops connections.

To engage with your ideal audience, like their posts and leave genuine comments that spark a conversation. Don’t repeat cookie-cutter comments anyone else could write – make them unique for every post. Your comment should reply to their call to action or engagement question. If their post has neither, use 3-4 words from the caption in your comment. If you’re having a great conversation in the comments, take it to the DMs! 

Genuine comments inform your audience that you actually took the time to read through their post instead of taking a quick scan and commenting something generic to grab their attention. People like it when others are receptive to their content. If you want your audience to engage with your content, you’ll have to build a connection and engage with theirs.

Let Your Audience Get to Know You

Every piece of content you put out should have your personality! You can show this through writing style or post design. Fun posts with character gather more attention and engagement than boring pictures and walls of text. Are you hesitant to post about yourself on your main feed? The Stories feature is a great way to engage with your audience informally. 

You know how you feel like you know someone online you’ve never met? That’s intentional – they show bits and pieces of their personal life to relate to you. It’s a great strategy because when you feel like you know someone, you like them. When you like them, you trust them (also known as the know, like, and trust factor.)

It’s important to increase know, like, and trust with your audience, so they continue to be receptive to your content. Here’s the catch: don’t saturate your content with photos and information about you! Make sure your feed has a good balance of business and personal content so your audience can get to know you and your business, not just you OR your business. 

The point of building an online community is to gain consistent engagement, which leads to organic traffic and relevance. One of the best ways to grow your business is to consistently show up, engage with others, and post valuable content relating to your business or industry. When potential followers view your social media and see other users liking your content, it’s social proof you have that like, know, and trust factor. 

Building an online community takes some time, so be patient! The payoff is worth it. Do you need guidance on a content strategy ideal for building an online community? Let’s work together! Book a discovery call with me to discuss the best way to approach your ideal audience and build your business. 

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