Five Ways To Make Your Brand More Relatable

Is your brand warm and welcoming or does it come off as cold and unappealing? 

When visitors land on your homepage are they greeted with a stock image or a face behind the brand?

The truth is humans relate to, connect with, and trust other humans. They are less likely to trust a brand without a human-touch behind it. 

Creating a personable website that consumers can trust and relate to is crucial. If your website only has stock images on it, it creates more of a corporate environment and can limit the potential for your audience to relate and resonate with your brand. 

Studies have shown, brands that are more personable and offer more than just a ‘salesy’ environment, perform better and tend to have a longer ROI.

Here are five ways you can make your brand more relatable. 

Introduce Yourself / Team 

In a world where everything is done online and over email, putting a face to a name is a great and simple way to humanize your brand and your business. 

Get creative and set up a Brand Photography session. This will help you create a batch of photos that you can use across your website, social media, and other marketing materials. 

If you’re working with a team, have your staff share a favorite quote, personality trait, or something more about who they are rather than just their official title. 

Showing the face(s) behind the brand instantly helps build trust and connect potential clients. It doesn’t matter if you do it on the about page, a section on the homepage, or just through social media posts. What matters is your existing and potential customers know who the people behind the brand are.

Be Authentic

Branding is a significant contributor to how your customers are going to perceive your business. While you nail down your visual identity and marketing methods, it’s also a good idea to define your voice and values. 

Authenticity will help you stand out against the grain and help you connect with your target audience. If you’re a one-person team, just be yourself. Don’t worry about fitting into the mold and just remember we all have something unique and valuable to provide. 

Build Genuine Relationships

By now, you’re probably aware that engagement is one of the best driving factors in converting. By making your brand more relatable, you can boost your engagement throughout your platforms. 

There are three ways you can boost your engagement. 

Social listening – there is plenty of software out there that can help you accomplish this. Social listening softwares will send you a notification each time someone mentions your brand, product, or competitor on social media. This gives you a way to react without delay and reach out to these existing or potential customers. It’s also a great way to collect user-generated content. 

Another way to boost engagement is to invest in creating high-quality content that offers value to your customers. The simplest way to accomplish this is through your blog but you can also do it through your social channels as well. 

And finally, one of the best ways to boost your engagement is to give engagement. Are you spending time on your social channels interacting with your followers? I try to spend at least 15 minutes a day engaging with other accounts on Instagram and then I always respond to messages and comments. 


Your brand must have a distinct voice and style that helps capture your audience’s attention. It’s easy to get so caught up in technical jargon that you forget who you’re really trying to reach. 

“Business and industry-specific jargon is just another way of talking over people’s heads, and although you think you may sound super smart and important, you are really just coming off as inaccessible.” – Corey Eridon from HubSpot

Adding some personalization will help give you a higher ROI. The reason behind that is consumers want to build relationships with the brands they support. So it’s not a bad idea to implement some personalization into your online presence. 

You can start by updating your email marketing campaigns to address your subscribers by name. If you sell products or specific offerings, have a well-developed recommendations section on your products/offering pages. Also, don’t forget to use tracking data in a way that will help you provide your web visitors with a personalized experience. 

Give Sneak Peeks and Behind-the-Scenes Footage

People love to see what it looks like behind closed doors. Giving sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes footage is an excellent way to show people who work at your company and what the day to day life is like. If you have an exciting offer coming up, give your views a sneak peek into what you are working on. This is a great way to create a little bit of FOMO amongst your followers, and it’s also a way to achieve a closer connection. 

The success of this type of content lies in the fact that it’s limited, current, and usually an unedited glance into the current state of things at your company. Most important it’s real. 

Your Takeaway

There are many different marketing and branding strategies you can use to make your brand more relatable. The one thing they all have in common is they require you to be authentic and honest. Remember, you don’t have to fit the mold. You can be yourself and guess what, your audience will love you for it. 

Don’t be afraid to share failures, triumphs, values, passions, and life lessons. In the end, they are what make you uniquely you. The ideal customers for any business are those who share your vision. So don’t be afraid to be yourself and stand out. I guarantee you’ll love the outcome.