Is Blog Strategy Making a Comeback in 2024?

This is the burning question I’ve been getting asked recently… Is blog strategy making a comeback in 2024? 

This question kind of surprised me because I don’t believe blogging has ever “gone away”. Blogs have been part of our marketing strategy for a few years now. I’ve seen more and more online business owners starting to shift marketing strategies from just social media to expanding efforts. And I think that’s a great thing to do. 

Let’s talk about how a blog strategy is beneficial to your business if you should ditch social media, and how to create a blog strategy in 2024.

Benefits of a Blog Strategy

There are so many reasons to have a blog strategy in 2024. I definitely can’t name them all in this post but here are a few I’ve seen firsthand.

SEO: Here at Wildly Creative Studio, we have kept blogs as part of our marketing strategy for an important purpose… SEO and searchability. Every time we post a blog, it’s an opportunity to appear in a search result. Each blog is optimized with a specific keyword we want to rank for. Our main web pages are also optimized for keywords, but blogs expand the net of who we could potentially reach. 

More Sales: A blog is tied directly to your website where you want to be driving people. Optimized pages help search engines understand when to show your page in results. So, your pages will appear in relevant search results, driving quality traffic to your website. And quality traffic means more sales because you’re getting people on your website who are actually interested in your offers. 

Longevity: SEO is a long-term, organic marketing strategy. If you create valuable content and optimize it well, you could reap the benefits for years! The longevity is going to last you longer than a social media post. Creating long-term strategies in your business will help you withstand and grow better than any trend ever will. Basically, we’re not here for short-term growth and wins, we’re here for the long run, to build a legacy and blogging is going to help with that. 

Authority: Blogs are also a great way to show your authority. You can create case studies showcasing the results you’ve earned for clients. We know case studies are an important selling point for potential clients. You can also include testimonials to implement social proof

Relatability: You can really showcase your personality and expertise in blog posts. They allow you to implement storytelling in a way that a social media post cannot support. You simply don’t have the attention span on social media to really connect with your audience. However, in blogs, you can answer their burning questions and showcase your expertise, further convincing them you’re the right business to work with.

So, have I convinced you that you need a blog in 2024?!

How to Create a Blog Strategy

Should I Ditch Social Media?

There’s been a lot of chatter about people moving away from social media. While I’m all about taking social media breaks, is completely ditching social media the right call?

Personally, I don’t believe you can ever move away from social media. It’s still a great way to reach new people, build a community, and create relationships. I also use it for customer research and starting conversations with potential leads. There are still many benefits of social media that blogs don’t have.

I’m just saying you should consider adding blogs to your marketing plan in 2024. You can implement different strategies for long-term results that will amplify your reach. Think of social media as your short-term strategy. It’s a space to nurture clients, build a community, and personal brand. Meanwhile, your blogs are your long-term strategy. Both are important for the growth of your business. 

How to Create a Blog Strategy

Now that I’ve convinced you that you need a blog strategy, let me give you a quick rundown of how to create one. 

Brainstorm Topics: Start by brainstorming a list of topics you think your audience would be interested in reading about. You can get inspiration from social media posts that have done well, questions from your clients, or Google searches.

Keyword Research: Next, do some keyword research. You might find more ideas to add to your topic list. In your research, find phrases that align with your topics. The goal is to find keywords with high search volume and low keyword difficulty. That means a lot of people are searching for the term, but there isn’t a lot of competition. 

Start Writing: Finally, start writing! You can write the blog posts yourself or outsource them to a writer. If writing isn’t your thing or you can’t commit to consistently posting, I recommend outsourcing it. Google cares about consistency over quantity, so it might take someone to help keep you on schedule.

That’s it! You don’t need to overthink a blog strategy. The important thing is to get started so you can begin seeing increased website traffic and lead generation. Blogs are an important part of your marketing strategy, which is why I’ve included them in my full-service digital marketing package. However, if you don’t need full-service digital strategy, here’s a writer I personally work with and recommend. If you’re ready to see consistent growth from your marketing efforts, schedule a consultation with me. I’m ready to help make 2024 your year!

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