My Story, My Journey,

How I got Here

I went from working 24/7, never seeing the sun, making poverty wages in my 9-5 job to palm sweating, anxiety poops, handing in my notice because I was ready to go full time in my online business.  

I knew I wanted more out of life than working 40+ hours a week and barely scraping by so I created a business that gave me the freedom of choice, time, and supports my dream lifestyle (hello guilt free binge watching Netflix weekends and traveling to the beach cos I want to). 

Ohhh Heyyy, I'm Alicia

marketing and sales coach for female online business owners

I went from $2k months to $8k+ months in under 12 months and have help countless women transform their businesses and create more time in their calendars to binge Netflix guilt free, spend time with families, and travel just because they wanted a weekend getaway. 

Each time I invested in different coaching programs, I showed up to calls, asked questions, and did my homework.

I bought into all the magic being sold, yet I was still seeing major gaps. 

When I asked about clarity around mindset, I got ‘lean into it” and “show your authority”. When I asked about sales, I was directed to a sales script for DMs. When I wanted to scale into mentorship, I was told no, I can make more money building an agency. 

After I finally learned the sales skills I needed, I scaled my business as a DFY lead generation and DM sales expert, built an amazing team and soared past $5k months.

Now, I’m here to empower driven entrepreneurs just like you, build a lifestyle first based business, create strategies that make you feel good, and learn the tools and knowledge you need to continue to grow and scale your business. .

Working with me, you’ll be able to finally build a business that doesn’t just fuel your dream lifestyle but amplifies it.

Get ready to love showing up & selling your offers with confidence & making a shit ton of money.


years of experience in marketing & sales


closed sales for clients


sales months in under 12 months

Blend strategy & energetics for a $100k+ journey without the girlboss hustle

You know you’re really good at what you do but when it comes to making consistent $5k+ months and actually living your life —
you find yourself stuck in a cycle of no sales and tied to your screen.