A Self-Care Routine Can be the Greatest Asset in Your Business

You’ve probably heard quite a bit about self-care in the past few years, but what benefits does it have on our wellbeing and mental health? Self-care is making intentional steps to care for yourself and all aspects of your health. Self-care encompasses physical, emotional, and mental health needs. Self-care is different for everyone, and what may work for one person may not work for you. That’s okay! Another part of self-care is experimenting and figuring out what will work for you in the context of your health and needs. 

Having self-care in your routine is vital for maintaining your momentum and the quality of your work. When you show up and take care of yourself, you’re taking care of your business. Do you need some actionable steps to implement self-care into your routine? In this blog, I’m sharing some of my favorite self-care ideas and how they can be an excellent asset to your business. 

Self-Care and Mental Health

Your health – physical and mental – should be taken into account and prioritized. Taking action when you notice your mental health isn’t doing well is vital for your long-term health. Some signs of poor mental health may include not enjoying your business as much as you previously have, working more, and sleeping less. Address these signs and the accompanying feelings as they come up. Internalizing and bottling up emotions makes your work even less enjoyable, and it’s harder to address your emotional concerns when it goes on for too long. 

Stable mental health leads to better business ideas and more creativity. It prevents burnout, promotes a positive mindset, and leaves you feeling much happier and satisfied in your life. Having a strong work ethic that pushes you to get everything done ASAP is a huge aspect of the entrepreneurial mindset. It doesn’t have to be like this! Keep in mind that your work is directly affected by your mental health. When you aren’t feeling your best, your work will reflect that. 

Taking a step back, acknowledging the amount of work you have, and making self-care part of your routine is often the first and most difficult part of the process. Your work will never be sustainable if you don’t create space for yourself. Self-care isn’t just the physical things we do to unwind and relax after a long day. It’s the mental work we can put in to alleviate stress and make our lives more enjoyable. 

5 Practical Self-Care Ideas for Entrepreneurs

1. Exercise

Exercise is a simple form of self-care that’s easy to implement in your routine. Regular exercise has an abundance of benefits that improve your health and your business. When you exercise, your brain releases endorphins. Endorphins directly combat and relieve stress and pain. When you’re less stressed, it’s easier to function and focus on your business. The next time you work, take a break to get up and exercise. If you have more time, get in some movement that you enjoy. This could be weightlifting, running, or a brief walk. It doesn’t have to be a crazy long workout to reap the benefits of exercise! 

2. Time off

Time off could be a vacation, lounging around the house, or going out and doing things that you love. It’s harder to focus and complete quality work when you’re apathetic about what you’re doing. Taking some time off is like hitting a refresh button. It’s much easier to get back to work and care about what you’re doing after you’ve taken a break. You don’t have to be ill or have an excuse to take time off. Breaks help you recenter yourself and reduce burnout. Time off will not be as helpful when you’ve already reached the point of burnout.

3. Set Boundaries with Clients (and yourself!) 

Setting boundaries is a simple form of self-care that several entrepreneurs tend to ignore. This could look like responding to emails or taking phone calls during your working hours, not anytime before or after. It could be politely turning down another project because you’ve got too much on your plate. Maybe you only work during set hours. Making and respecting the boundaries you set up for clients and yourself is a way to prioritize your well-being and time. 

This type of self-care can feel especially difficult. You might be tempted to work just a little longer, or think, “One more project isn’t too much extra.” Work boundaries help you create time for things that matter in your personal life. You have responsibilities outside of work, and you need to make time to get those done. Creating time for yourself by maintaining work boundaries is a simple form of self-care to implement into your routine without changing too much of what you’re doing.

4. Plan Out Your Day in Advance

This is some self-care that’s been a lifesaver for me. At the beginning of the day, I take 20 minutes to plan out my to-do list for the day. You can do this on paper or in an app. Ask yourself:

  • What tasks do I need to complete at work? 
  • What needs to be completed ASAP
  • What can wait until later? 

Prioritizing your tasks by order of importance, time commitment, or due date is a great way to get your work done. For example, you can delegate a social media manager to worry about your pages. If you need a social media manager, reach out to me today! Having an overview of your work day allows you to plan out how long a task might take and what you can delegate or assign to other people. When you plan out your work schedule, you can fit in the other things you need to get done that day, like chores or hanging out with the family. It’s easier to get your work done when you know what to expect! 

5. Cultivate a Support Network

As with anything, having a support network that cares about your mental health and your overall well-being is essential for your quality of life. Cultivate a support network of friends, family, colleagues, and others that you trust and know. Oftentimes, these people notice when you’re stressed or feeling down. They care about you and want to help! Be okay with reaching out and asking for help. Having peer support improves your mental health and overall well-being massively.

Although this isn’t an exhaustive list of the different types of self-care, it’s important to show what self-care can look like for your business and operations. Caring for yourself is caring for your business. When you neglect your physical needs and mental health, stress and overworking begin to take their toll on you, your work, and the quality of your life. Taking measures to care for yourself is paramount. If you notice that some things aren’t as enjoyable as they used to be, take that as a serious sign to reach out for help. Self-care is all that you make it, so do what works for you! I hope these ideas for self-care are helpful for you and your business!

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