6 of My Favorite Business Tools I Use Daily

6 of My Favorite Business Tools I Use Daily

Business tools are what make the world go round! No, but really, there are so many business tools out there that it can be difficult to distinguish which ones are actually what you need and will be useful to your business. 

I can’t tell you how many free trials I’ve signed up for and didn’t end up using. Sometimes, I even got charged because I forgot to cancel! I encourage you to be selective about the tools you use in your business. Sometimes, more tools create more hassle and cost; it might be better to stick to a few crucial tools and see where you can consolidate.

These six business tools are platforms I use daily (not exaggerating) and highly recommend. They make my productivity so much better and keep me organized. Check them out if you’re in the market for business planning tools to make your life easier!


Flick is a tool I use for hashtag research. You can quickly and easily search for relevant Instagram hashtags to improve your organic reach. It gives you personalized hashtag recommendations for all accounts you add to the platform. The number of accounts you can add depends on your plan. This is one of the best business tools for marketing your business on Instagram!

You can even save hashtags to use next time and analyze which ones are and aren’t working for you. It gives you insights Instagram doesn’t, so for that reason alone, I recommend this tool.

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Flodesk is an email marketing and e-commerce platform. I love this tool because, unlike other email marketing platforms, you aren’t charged more when you earn more subscribers. You shouldn’t be punished for your success! You get unlimited emails, subscribers, forms, workflows, and segments. It’s a great business communication tool if email marketing is part of your strategy.

On the e-commerce side, you can create high-converting checkout experiences and monetize. With this plan, you get unlimited sales pages, checkout pages, upsells, payments, transactions, and instant deliveries. 

The third plan includes both the email and check out plans! I’m telling you, this tool is one of a kind.


Kartra is a cloud platform and is a one-stop shop for everything you need to manage your business. When I say everything, I mean everything! These are a few of the platforms it could replace:

  • Email marketing 
  • Marketing automation
  • Membership portal
  • Video hosting
  • Affiliate management system
  • Landing page builder
  • Calendar scheduling
  • Split testing
  • Graphic design

This could be one of your business communications tools, too! If you decide to move completely over to Kartra, it could save you tons of money in the long run. The potential of this platform is huge; you just have to discover how it can be integrated into your business operations!


Many entrepreneurs are familiar with Canva because it makes graphic design super easy! Even for graphic designers out there, it’s an intuitive tool with a lot of capabilities. I use Canva for social media, email marketing, website, and blog graphics! 

I highly recommend getting the Canva Pro account; it’s $120 per year per person and gives you access to many more capabilities than the free version, including:

  • Premium photos, templates, videos, audio, and more
  • Add up to 100 brand kits
  • Resize designs with ease
  • Remove image and video backgrounds
  • Schedule social media content
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Dubsado is your one-stop shop for business management. You can manage your clients, automate parts of your work, and grow your business all in one! I use it to onboard my clients, create contacts, and send invoices (and reminders if needed!). I like that Dubsado is always coming out with new features. About every quarter, they implement an update to better serve your business.

I love it for its automation functionality. As an example, you can create a custom appointment scheduler form. When it’s completed, you and the client receive an email confirmation and a calendar invite. This all happens on the backend so there isn’t the back and forth via email to find a meeting time that works for both of you. It’s just another tedious task to take off your plate, but it adds up to a lot of time being saved!


Airtable is one of the many business planning tools on the market. It’s used for project planning, task management, and prioritization. What makes it different from competitors like Asana, Trello, and ClickUp is the lead tracker function. You can track lead engagement throughout your campaign to better understand customer buying trends and more accurately forecast the success of your project. 

I hope this article gave you some insight into which business tools I use as a solopreneur and social selling expert. Although these are my preferences, I encourage you to sign up for some free trials to find what you like before committing to a tool. This helped me when I was researching business tools! I hope you find some business tools that work for your needs and help you become more productive throughout the day!

Disclaimer: This blog includes affiliate links.

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