5 Web Design Trends to Help Redesign Your Website

Make your website stand out and make a statement.

 Photo by Le Buzz  on Unsplash

The beauty of design is that it is always evolving. The frustrating part about design is that it is always evolving, something that looked sleek and modern one day can appear to look outdated the next day as design trends are constantly changing.

To help you keep your website updated and fresh, I have picked my 5 favorite web design trends of 2018.

Bold Typography

Big, bold typography is being used to anchor homepages. This has started to become more of a trend that companies are turning towards. This style works best for a simple and clean web-page so the bold typography can stand out and make a statement. Trozzolo is a great example of a site that uses bold typography. It’s used throughout their home page in a simple way but still keeps the user interested by switching it us as you scroll.

Text Overlapping Images

This has been a trend that has become popular for portfolios and blogs. With the text slightly overlapping the images it gives the user a different experience. Bernstein-Rein uses this style on some on their site.

B-Roll or Cinemagraphs

Many landing pages are using b-roll or cinemagraphs as their visuals. These high-quality videos run on a continuous loop are great to add movement and visual interest. Plus the use of video not only makes your site stand out but it also allows you to show more visual than a photo does. Novella Brandhouseuses a simple b-roll of a person typing on a typewriter with a serif font overlaying the b-roll.

Serif Fonts

Serif fonts have been avoided for years due to limitations and the ability to keep the website legible and clean. However, with improvements to screen resolutions and user experience, serif fonts have made a come back in 2018. They give the site and nice sophisticated style that keeps the modern look. Tomboy Design Co uses a nice serif font for the headers of their site.


Two-tone color schemes give the site a contemporary, not only has this become a web design trend but it has also been seen in a lot of print / digital advertising. Adaptable used a duotone in their portfolio showcase.

Go forth and design your new beautiful website!

For more website design trends or design trends, in general, my favorite source other than Google is Hubspot…no subscription required but it’s a good way to stay updated on different marketing trends and news.

Thanks for reading!