5 Ways To Turn A DM Into A Sale Without Feeling Awkward

How are you selling offers? If you aren’t using direct messaging to your advantage, you’re missing out on a huge market of potential clientele. Back when in-person selling was more prevalent, starting a conversation was the way to form connections and meet new clients. With social media, it’s the same idea but much more convenient and accessible to create and maintain these relationships.

Luckily, you’re in a position to help people! How? Just by being present on social media. With direct messaging, you can connect with and sign on potential clients. However, you can’t expect leads to buy from you with a single DM. If you send your offer cold, chances are your lead won’t be receptive.

Direct message selling requires a balance of sales tactics and connections. It’s definitely an art, and it takes time to perfect. The goal is to combine the two in a way that feels genuine to your prospect and gets them to buy from you. Without a good sense of selling over DMs, the conversation will quickly get awkward. To avoid losing potential sales, remember these five steps when pitching over DMs. 

Are the DMs right for me?

Finding people interested in your product without any resources is difficult. Fortunately, social media platforms make it easier to discover these prospects. Your audience will always be on some social platform, and all these apps have a direct messaging feature. Now that social media is the standard in creating connections, DMs are essential for a successful selling strategy. 

The people in your target market exist on social media, and it’s easy to find them. Use hashtags and keywords to scope out customers. Ask yourself questions identifying ideal clients. What industry are you targeting? What are your lead’s pain points? Do people have a want and need for your product/service? If you lack clear answers to these questions, your market is undefined, meaning you’ll have a tougher time finding leads receptive to your offer. 

DMs are similar to traditional sales because you need to know how to communicate effectively. You might be tempted to send out a message to everyone you can about your offer. Avoid doing this! Continue searching for prospective customers, but keep the criteria for your ideal lead in mind. 

5 Ways to Turn a DM Into a Sale

1. Make a Genuine Introduction

After you’ve found a few viable leads that fit your target audience, start building a connection with them. For example, you could like some posts, leave a few comments, or react to their stories. Try to interact with prospects for at least a few days before DMing them. 

Once you’ve engaged with your lead and gotten to know them a bit better, send a genuine introduction. Tell them about yourself! In your message, refer to a problem they recently posted about, reply to their story, or ask questions about their business. This prompts a conversation where you’ll get to know your lead’s pain points. As they open up about their problems, they can trust you more and become more willing to listen to your offer.  

Cold pitching isn’t necessarily bad, but it’s much more difficult to form a genuine connection with someone you want to work with in the future. Asking questions helps you tailor your questions and pitch to fit your prospect’s wants and needs. If you go into a conversation without a deeper understanding of their needs, they become more hesitant to buy from you or could ignore your message completely.

Just because you’re conversing with leads doesn’t mean you should neglect your social media. Have a consistent posting schedule that delivers value to your audience. At the end of your posts, include an engaging call to action. If a follower trusts you and feels like your services can help them, they might be the one to send that introductory DM. 

2. Ask About Their Struggles

Once you’ve gotten to know your prospect, dig deeper into their struggles. Inquiring about their business operations gives you more information for positioning your offer. Just don’t overwhelm them with questions! To prompt a conversation, consider asking questions like

  • What’s one of the biggest business challenges you’re currently facing?
  • What are your growth plans and action strategies?
  • What’s stopping you from meeting your goals? 

As you gain more information about their struggles, ask yourself if your offer can genuinely help them. Making a sale for the sake of it isn’t a sustainable way to build trust with your customers. Your services should actually help them achieve their goals. 

3. Listen

Active listening is a vital skill you need to have in selling. Taking the time to comprehend the person’s problems, concerns, and goals allows you to present your solution in a way that solves most of their problems. When you actively listen, you won’t have to repeat questions to get all the information you need for a successful pitch. 

When you can exhibit that you truly heard a prospect’s pain points, you create a relationship built on trust. Leads can tell the difference between a genuine desire to help versus using them as a means to an end (which is a sale). Present your offer when you’ve learned about their problems and when the conversation naturally leads to it. Don’t force a pitch too early in the conversation. While some people are more open to discussing a sale, it will take others more time to warm up. 

4. Offer a Freebie

If the conversation isn’t going how you want it to, present a freebie to your lead. Freebies create another opportunity to sell later, so make sure it is valuable and representative of your offer. Free samples and items usually increase trust with prospects because they can experience a bit of your product or service before fully committing to it. It allows  them to see for themselves that your offer is legitimate. 

Consider freebies like a free consultation call, a downloadable template or workbook, sample products, or a discount. When your lead seems interested but hesitant, freebies are a great way to build their familiarity with your service. 

5. Know When to Walk Away

DM inboxes are a crazy place. You might get ghosted or reverse-pitched. Know that it’s okay to walk away from a lead you know won’t buy from you. They might not have the finances, time, or commitment to take you up on the offer. 

Don’t burn bridges with these leads if a sale falls through. Be gracious for their time, compliment them, and let them know you’re there for them if they need anything. They could always come back to you!

People who aren’t interested now may change their minds later. They might recommend you to a friend with problems your offer can address. Even if you hear a “no” now, there is always the potential for a “yes” later on.

Remember that sales aren’t always about making the most money or selling the most offers. The priority is to make connections and build relationships with people. Keep an open mind, and don’t let rejection discourage you!

Selling online is challenging, especially if you’ve just begun to learn about it. You don’t have to figure out everything alone! I’ve been through it all, so I know how frustrating (and exciting) selling can be. Whether it’s lead generation or social selling, I’m here to help. If you’re ready to discuss your selling strategy with an expert, book a consultation call with me today!

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