5 Signs it’s Time to Hire a Social Media Manager 

Balancing social media with other business responsibilities becomes quickly overwhelming. Your social media activity proves to be a significant indicator of business success, so it’s vital to consistently post content for your audience. However, it is not always feasible to unfailingly post when you have other demanding responsibilities. When you have a growing business and social media tends to stay on the back burner of priorities, you could look into hiring some help. 

What can a social media manager do for you

According to the Digital Marketing Institute, a social media manager is “the person in an organization who is trusted with monitoring, executing, filtering, and measuring the social media presence of a product, brand, corporation, or even individual.” Social media managers not only handle your social media but take steps to deploy marketing campaigns, supervise and track your performance, and suggest new ways for you to grow your presence. Social media managers are trend-savvy and recognize how to expand your reach. If you are struggling with the following signs, it might be time to look for some outside social media help. 

1. You feel overwhelmed keeping up with ever-changing trends and algorithms. 

Different trends sweep across distinct platforms. What may be trendy in one place may fall flat in another. Recognizing and successfully participating in trends depends on the audience you are targeting on your platform. The demographic you reach on Instagram may be a completely different population than what you reach on Facebook. The algorithms on these two sites function differently, so your rewards will differ based on how you approach your audiences. As a business owner, it can be challenging to keep up with the pressing logistics of your business while appealing to different audiences on social media. Social media managers are exceptional at recognizing trends and crafting the perfect approach to appeal to your audience. 

2. You aren’t posting consistently. 

Some content is always better than no content. However, it can be tricky to curate high-quality content for your posts. With a social media manager, you can explain what you envision for your pages and allow them to work towards producing that content. According to Hootsuite, separate social media platforms will award you differently based on your posting behavior. At a minimum, you should post once per day. Posting every day engages your audience, creates a constant stream of content, and ensures more visibility for your brand. Social media algorithms tend to reward users with more post reach if the user consistently posts. 

To bump up your engagement, consider adding 1-2 story posts per day. Always remember; quality over quantity. Viewers are more likely to engage with quality content rather than random pictures that don’t encompass your brand. However, you may not have the time to post quality pictures, let alone post daily. That’s why a social media manager’s intervention can save you time and ensure growth on each platform.

3. Your efforts aren’t paying off. 

Social media is a surefire way to expand your business reach and visibility. In 2022, your business must have a social media presence to be successful. If you feel that the time and effort towards your social media posts aren’t generating the numbers you want to see, it might be time to get some help. Social media marketers know how to appeal to different social media algorithms and ensure that your posts gain traction. 

Social media serves as social proof of your business. It also functions as a space to generate leads and redirect traffic to your website. Additionally, having a social media presence serves as a reference point for clients to leave reviews or further connect with you. If you feel that your social media has the potential to develop, getting an outside perspective from a social media manager can be beneficial.

4. You hate social media.

Do you despise the amount of time it takes you to create content? Or, maybe you understand the importance of social media, but you just don’t like doing it. That’s okay! A social media manager is the perfect person to help you utilize the power of social media without you needing to do any of the work. One of the best advantages of a social media manager is that you can retain control over what they post. A social media manager is the perfect person to consult if you’re unsure how to improve your presence, boost engagement, or get your name out there. Or to simply take it off your overflowing plate!

5. You’re making it too complicated.

Social media was never supposed to be hard. It was supposed to be a fun creative way that shared your story. Instead, we have made it a 5,000 piece puzzle and we are all scrambling to put all the pieces together before we need the table again. Go back to your basics and start having fun and sharing your story. The goal is to make your profile all about providing value, having fun, and making connections. If you’re overthinking it, it’s time to hire.

With business and social media, there is never a one size fits all solution. Being in charge of so many aspects of a business can lead you to believe that social media is an unnecessary expense that can be delegated later. But, as social media use has grown and surpassed other media outlets, it’s vital to recognize its importance in your business and take advantage of it. Don’t underestimate how it can help you grow and how many clients it can generate. If you’re unsure of the best ways to improve your social media or need some help getting started, contact us for a quick discovery call.

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