5 Reasons Your Sales are Low

If you run a business, you’re bound to have a slow period with fewer sales than usual. But what should you do about it? Low sales over a prolonged period can indicate underlying problems with the offer, your marketing efforts, or your systems. 

It’s vital to get to the root cause of low sales ASAP because you could be jeopardizing future profits and customer retention. If you’re unsure why your sales have remained low, check if these five reasons could be behind the sales slump. 

1. You aren’t selling to the right person.

If you aren’t marketing your offer to the right person, you have little chance of getting it sold. Alternatively, your offer might not be what your target audience truly wants. For the best visibility (and eventual sales), you have to position your product for the right audience. Otherwise, you won’t get the return on investment you want.

How should you go about finding the right person to sell your product to? Try creating buyer personas for your target audience. When you have a few personas in mind, think of different marketing strategies to get your offer to them. 

While you should create your offers with certain types of people in mind, this doesn’t mean similar buyers won’t purchase your offer. Take the perspective of your ideal customer. What kinds of offers are they looking for? Where are they searching to find those products? Putting yourself in your customer’s shoes can help you find gaps in your advertising and selling strategies. 

2. You aren’t marketing.

Unfortunately, you can’t expect to launch your products and have it selling without any marketing effort. This type of unrealistic thinking won’t help you sell! You have to actively advertise your product and push it to your audience for them to act. 

If you aren’t marketing your offer before, during, and after launch, your audience won’t know about it. People have to see an advertisement at least seven times to take action! That involves a lot of marketing to get the word out. 

Pre-launch marketing and advertising prime your audience and make them aware of your product before it’s even available. Creating anticipation around an offer can increase audience attention, meaning more sales once it’s live. 

Before you start planning marketing campaigns for your offer, know what platforms your target audience uses and where they’re most likely to see your advertising. Is it through your newsletter? Or on Instagram? Marketing in the wrong places isn’t much better than no marketing at all. 

Focus heavily on pre-launch marketing campaigns and optimize your messaging for each platform you advertise on. The timeline for pre-launch is different for every business and offer, but try to remember where your audience is most likely to see your product. For your marketing to be effective, you have to get your offer in the right place, at the right time, and in front of the right person. 

3. Your sales page isn’t optimized.

Your entire website should be SEO optimized, and your sales page is no exception! Your sales page is a significant portion of your website because it’s where you convert prospects into customers. 

SEO is essential for sales. It’s how Google finds, indexes, and shows your website to prospects browsing offers. You’ll want your sales page to be optimized for Google to boost organic traffic to your site, resulting in increased offer visibility. 

To optimize your sales page for Google, follow the same best practices you would for other website pages. Write keyword-rich copy, use headings appropriately, and ensure there’s enough content on the page. About 1,000 words or more is good, but no less than 300 words. Most importantly, make it easy for people to navigate the page and find what they’re looking for.

4. The offer isn’t priced right.

I’d bet that the first thing you look for in an offer is price. Pricing is tricky because it’s completely subjective. A low price tag for one person could be wildly expensive for another. If your price is more than your audience is willing to pay, you’re getting beat by competitors. If your price is too low, your customers may perceive you as illegitimate or that your product has no value. 

Price is another reason why you need to know who your offer is meant for. When you know your target audience, you can estimate what they would be willing to pay on average. Do some research and see what your competitors are charging for similar offers. 

What about your service will your audience find valuable, and how much is it worth? Take the time, labor, and expense you put into offer development while calculating a price. Be responsive to your audience and their concerns about price, but don’t devalue your work!

5. Your systems are broken.

If you run into low sales, this should be the first place you check. People sometimes forget systems play a huge part in their offers. Ensuring a seamless and secure checkout process should be priority number one. 

If your systems are faulty, people will bounce before purchasing. This is one of the worst outcomes for a product launch! Not only are you losing sales, but you’re losing customers and potential referrals.

Before you launch your offer, test everything on your sales page and point-of-sale platforms. Triple-check your redirect URLs, list accepted payment methods, and provide your contact info so customers can troubleshoot with you. Have someone on a separate computer and wifi network try out your system to make sure everything works for your customers. 

Low sales can be discouraging, but it’s also a natural part of running a business. Don’t give up! Use what you learned from your offer launches to improve your efforts for the next. 

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