4 Ways to Build an Email List Full of Dreamy Leads

Is one of your goals this year to build your email list? Email has been and continues to be one of the best marketing channels to grow your business revenue. It’s effective for any industry and any size business.

When you have an engaged email list, you’re likely to sell more of your offers. You have direct communication with people who already trust you as an expert in your field. You just have to get the right people to opt in!

Well, that’s what we’re talking about today. I’ve helped clients build email lists chock-full of their dreamiest leads that have turned into paying customers! In this blog, I’ll share a few ways I do this for my clients.

1. Create Relevant Freebies

The keyword here is relevant. A freebie with no strategy or audience in mind is a waste of time. Think about things your target audience struggles with, and create a simple freebie to help them. This could include:

  • Guide
  • Checklist
  • Ebook
  • Mini-course
  • Video or recorded webinar

Freebies have two goals: 1) Get them to opt into your email list. When they download the freebie, they need to submit their email to access the content. 2) Introduce them to your next offer, which is typically a paid offer. This is the first part of your email marketing strategy!

When you create relevant content, you’re guaranteed to attract your dream clients. You’re addressing a concern or problem they have and proving you’re qualified to help them fix it.

2. Include an Opt-In Option at Checkout

If you have a cart function on your website, add an opt-in option at checkout! This is an amazing way to build an email list of dreamy clients because they’ve already told you they love your offers by purchasing from you. 

Once they’re on your email list, you can nurture them with other content like blogs, podcast episodes, freebies, and paid offers. These people are considered hot leads; because they have already bought from you, they’re more likely to purchase again in the future if they had a good experience with your company. It’s a great opportunity to sell your high-ticket offers to people you know are at least somewhat interested in working with you.

3. Require Double Opt-In

I know this is a little annoying for customers, but it guarantees they meant to opt-in. A double opt-in means that after someone opts in from your website, an automated email asks them to confirm they want to opt into your email list. It’s a simple button that confirms their subscription. 

Requiring a double opt-in also reduces the number of spam submissions you receive from forms on your website. It’s an easy way to build an email list of real potential customers.

4. Offer Multiple Ways to Opt-In

One offer might not work for someone in your target audience, and that’s okay! Have multiple ways someone can connect with you on your website. You can vary the topics of your offers and the channels they are delivered on. 

As an example, someone might not want to read an ebook but prefer to watch a video. If you don’t have a video available, you could be missing out on a potential customer. You never know how someone will find you, so it’s best to create multiple opportunities to interact with you!

Bonus Tip: NEVER Purchase Email Lists

No one ever got anywhere by taking the easy way out. Email lists are available to purchase, but I always tell people never to do this. You won’t get quality leads or emails (even though these sites claim you will), and they won’t engage with your content. They’ll simply take up space in your email marketing platform and reduce your click and open rates. 

Similar to buying followers on social media, purchased email subscribers will do more harm than good. Focus instead on creating content that helps your customers and improving your current email marketing strategy. Even though this is the slow but steady way to build your email list, it’s the most effective and ethical way to do so.

Building an email list is easier than it seems. Focus on creating content that speaks to your target audience, and use the channels already at your disposal! These strategies have been successful in building an email list for many of my clients. I hope it helps you, too! If you have questions about email marketing or would like to work with me to build your email list of dreamy customers, contact me. I’d love to chat with you!

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