15 Things to Post in Your Facebook Group to Boost Group Engagement

What does a Facebook group with no engagement look like? Pretend you ask a question to a room full of people and get no response. They just stare at you, saying absolutely nothing… That silence is frustrating, especially when you’re sharing valuable information!

Facebook groups can be tricky. You could be consistently posting and engaging in other communities, but your group isn’t getting the same results. You’re not alone! Many business owners share this experience with their Facebook groups, and it’s usually because they aren’t targeting the right audience or posting the right content.

Do you need inspiration (or post ideas) for your Facebook groups? You’re in the right place! I’ve researched and compiled some of the most effective types of posts for boosting community engagement. Get all the tips and tricks you need to post engaging content on Facebook groups below! 

Why is Engagement Important?

Engagement is vital for increasing reach and growing your metrics. Audience engagement (likes, comments, sharing, etc.) with your posts informs the Facebook algorithm that people like your content. Then, the algorithm will recommend your posts to accounts similar to your followers. Your engagement rates grow as more people see your content. 

More people directed to your account means more eyes on your content. Linking your website or other social media channels in your bio can increase clicks back to your website, which improves web traffic and SEO. 

Engagement benefits your audience, too. As your posts get more attention, you can learn what content your audience likes. With this data, you can adjust your content or posting schedule to appeal to their interests and maximize your engagement. 

The more often you engage with your audience, the more you strengthen your brand community. Socializing with your Facebook group increases their trust and loyalty to your business, resulting in an emotional connection to your brand (also known as brand affinity). Building this relationship takes time and consistency but often leads to high engagement. 

15 Posts to Boost Engagement

1. Ask questions.

Questions are the tried and true type of engagement posts. It’s best to ask a mix of fun and business queries because both allow you to learn your audience’s interests in different ways. Just be sure not to ask too many! You can’t deliver value to your audience when all you ask are questions. 

2. Share your life outside of work.

Sharing your life outside the business is how your audience will get to know you. Discuss what you like, past job or work experiences, stories, photos, or whatever you want. I recommend you post this type of engagement sparingly because you don’t want your business group to become a personal account. 

3. Request comments for a freebie.

Are you advertising a new course or launching a new program? Promoting a freebie in your Facebook groups directs attention toward your offerings and creates excitement around your announcement. Ask your group members to comment “me” or “yes” under the announcement post to claim the freebie. Once you receive a comment, reply back that the freebie will be sent over messenger. 

4. Share downloadable templates.

Downloadable templates are a great way to curate specialty content for your audience. You can use the information gathered from the group’s input to deliver value through a free offering. Plus, templates are easy to create and applicable across industries. So, what should you make? Graphics, written copy, whatever your niche is! You can make a beautiful template and promote it for free on Facebook groups. 

5. Tell a story.

People love reading stories! Talking about your experiences and the lessons you learned is a great way to share knowledge with your audience. Encourage group members to add to the conversation and comment. Your story should have a clear takeaway or lesson learned. For example, talk about a good (or bad) client experience, a problem you faced in your business, or something new that you tried that did or didn’t work. 

6. Comment on trends.

There’s always something going on! Business trends tend to generate a lot of attention, and people want to share their opinions. Make a post giving your take on the situation. Is the trend here to stay, or is it a fad? Tell your audience to vote in the comments and discuss their thoughts. 

7. Post a poll.

Posting polls are similar to questions because you can ask a mix of personal and business topics and still get reception. Polls are easy for audiences to engage with because they don’t require much thinking or explanation to participate.  

8. Tag new members in a welcome post.

People like to feel acknowledged! Greeting new members can build their affinity with your business and introduce them to the group. Make a new welcome post every week or so, tag new members, and encourage existing members to comment and welcome them. You can also ask new members to share something about themselves. 

9. What you’re currently learning more about professionally.

Did you know 92% of consumers trust peer recommendations? People are always curious to learn more and expand their skill sets. When they have a familiar face recommend or praise something, they’re more likely to try it because they can trust the personal experiences of others they know. Share courses, a book you’re reading, something cool you saw, etc. The possibilities are endless! 

10. Share relatable quotes.

Of course, every group is different, but quotes usually perform well. The quote should apply to your niche or industry. Discuss the post, how it informed or changed your outlook, and encourage group members to give their two cents. 

11. Challenges.

Creating a challenge for your group and offering rewards promotes community engagement among members. Challenges can last between a couple of days or a few weeks. The time frame depends on the complexity of the challenge and the number of entries you want. Don’t have the challenge last too long, as it decreases the urgency to join.

12. Behind the scenes.

Sharing your work behind the scenes ties in with talking about yourself. People are receptive to vlog-like content because they find it entertaining and aspirational. Videos of your workspace, what you’re doing, what you do before or after work, or how you prep for a project are good places to start. 

13. Awards or nominations.

Announcing awards and nominations increases your credibility and illustrates your competence in your work. You can share what you’ve been selected for and ask for votes from your audience. If you’ve won something, thank your audience for helping you get there!

14. Recommendations.

Recommendations tie into things you’re learning about. People trust the reviews of their peers, so share what you like! Tools, people, businesses, outsourcing, etc., are helpful recommendations for other business owners in your group. 

15. Ask your audience what they want to see from you

And actually do it! Even if it’s outside your comfort zone. Getting audience input makes them feel valued. People like to feel recognized in the communities they are actively involved in. Tailoring your Facebook group to your audience’s interest is one of the best ways to retain their attention and engagement. 

Bonus Tips!

16. Ask followers to turn on group notifications

If you post time-sensitive content (like polls, contests, or giveaways), tell your followers to turn on notifications. Creating a bit of FOMO can increase engagement because your members won’t want to be excluded. Notifications help people remember to engage because it reminds them to check back with the group and see what’s new. 

17. Always respond to comments and messages

Engage with those who engaged with you! Responding to your audience is crucial for building a community of people who care about you and your business. Reciprocating their engagement will strengthen the group’s brand affinity and make them feel like valued group members. 

18. Host Livestreams

Livestreams can be a fun way to interact with your audience in real time! You can tease an upcoming live stream and remind your audience to turn on their notifications before you go live. Consider hosting an interview with someone in your niche, a free class or course, or a quick Q&A session. 

19. Experiment

Every group is different, and not everyone will respond the same to some types of engagement posts! The first thing you post might not work, so test and try something new until you find the perfect formula for your group. Don’t be discouraged if your members don’t respond the way you would hope. Think of it as information you can use to move forward and learn more about your Facebook group!

The most important thing to remember about boosting engagement is to frequently post valuable content. Giving people fresh content to engage with is the best way to ensure your group members are receptive to your posts. 

Engagement and social media management don’t have to be complicated, especially when you have the right tools and support. That’s why I’m here to help! I strategize with business owners to build their following, boost social media engagement, and get them the results they deserve. Contact me today for a consultation call to get started! 

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